Can you use strike in a sentence


Answer 1
Answer: Of course you can.

"I strike the rock."

It works in first person, present tense.

Other versions would be, "I struck" which is first person, past tense.
Answer 2
Answer: Ues for example: "Jimmy made a stike at the ball game." See it works

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What is the independent clause in the following sentence? Trevor was sleeping when the doorbell rang


The correct answer is Trevor was sleeping


In grammar, an independent clauses are a set of words that are independent which means they do not need any other elements to stand, they express a complete idea and also they have at least one subject and one verb. This type of clauses differ from dependent clauses because dependent clauses need from other clauses to be complete and also, these clauses are linked to independent clauses by subordinating conjunctions such as because, when or while. This means in the case of the sentence "Trevor was sleeping when the doorbell rang" this sentence contains a dependent clause which is "when the doorbell rang" linked to the independent clause "Trevor was sleeping" that even without the dependent clause express a complete idea and contains a subject and a verb. Therefore, the independent clause in this sentence is "Trevor was sleeping".

The independent clause can stand by itself. Trevor was sleeping is the independent clause it can be its own sentence 

we were returning after the football match late evening as we were walking through the rather lonely road we heard footsteps behind us,HOW TO COMPLETE THIS STORY


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What is the main idea of this passage?A) In order to help preserve and protect our environment, builders should construct more "green" buildings.
B) One way a building can be more green is by the use of passive solar heating to decrese the use of electricity.
C) Reducing the amount of fresh water used in building is another way that builders can help protect the environment.
D) One way a building could be more green is through the use of green roofs and walls to reduce heating and cooling costs.


In order to help preserve and protect our environment, builders should construct more "green" buildings.

Answer: Option A.


Because of the various activities of the human beings, for their own growth and development, the human beings have caused great harm and damage to the environment.

This has led to disasters because of the damage that the environment can not control. It is the need of the hour that the human beings should make efforts to save the planet. One of the ways for this is doing activities that do not harm the environment, making the businesses greener.


A) In order to help preserve and protect our environment, builders should construct more "green" buildings.


Which phrase is the best definition of a compound direct object


d. rules

Which words make up the compound indirect object in the sentence?The coach has read the athletes and parents the new rules.
Choose all answers that are correct.

a. athletes
b. parents
c. coach
i think it would be two or more adverbs that modify two or more different verbs

What does a yard equal?


A yard is equal to 3 feet, 36 inches.
One yard equals 3 feet

I have to write a short story about Justice. Any ideas?


Justice is a trait for standing up for the right thing. If your story is fictional, you could write about a superhero or police officer or just a person who tries hard to protect and do what is right. If you want the story to be historical, you can use any person known for standing up for their beliefs such as Rosa Parks or MLK.
How there was racism and how martin Luther King junior still faught even though he went to jail.You can talk about how rosa parks faught for justice by staying in the bus seat but then went to jail