Which expression could be used to solve the problem? Gem counted 54 wheels on 3 semitrucks. The same number of wheels were on each semitruck. How many wheels were on each semitruck? A. B. 54 • 3 C. 54 – 3 D. 3 + 54


Answer 1
Answer: Here, we could simply divide the values. 

54/3 = 18

So, the correct answer is :-

54 divided by 3
Answer 2
Answer: 54/3 = 18
which concludes 18 wheels on one semitruck. ( seems a lot for me :) )

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Simplify six-hundred thirty over 10



Lets divide!

630/10 = 63
10/10 = 1

63/1 = 63

Answer: 63
The answer is 63 because six-hundred thirty = 630  and 630 over 10 means to divide which will equal 630/10=63 and that's the answer 63

Solve for x. Express the answer in simplest form,


(6x-1)/(5)=(3)/(1) \ \ \ |\hbox{cross multiply} \n6x-1=3 * 5 \n6x-1=15 \n6x=15+1 \n6x=16 \nx=(16)/(6) \nx=(8)/(3) \nx=2(2)/(3)
In order to solve for x, you need to isolate the x on one side.  First, you need to multiply the 5 onto the other side to get rid of the fraction.  Then, just add 1 and divide by 6 to isolate the x (steps will be shown below):


So, x = 8/3

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Step-by-step explanation:

A scale factor of 4/5 means that each side length or distance is multiplied by 4/5. 10*4/5=8. Hope this helps!

Joshua breeds mice and notices that he can model their population growth with the equation m = 2(3) d/14. He plans to breed them for 100 days. What parameter does the denominator 14 represent in this experiment?


A. The population at the start of the experiment
B. The growth factor of the population every two weeks
C. The population after one hundred days
D. How many days it takes for the population to triple

If these were the choices of the above question, the answer would be B.) The growth factor of the population every two weeks.

14 days represents 2 weeks.

Jimmy owes $29,500 for a car loan to be repaid in 36 months. If the interest rate is 7.375%, then how much interest will he pay


I=PRT. Sub in what you know: I=29,500(.07375)(3) time is in years. Multiply: I=6526.875. Round to the nearest hundredth: $6,526.88 is his interest :)

8x – 2(x + 1) = 2(3x – 1)0
no solution
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8x - 2(x + 1) = 2(3x - 1)

First, expand to remove parenthesis. / Your problem should look like: 8x - 2x - 2 = 6x - 2
Second, subtract 8x - 2x - 2 to get 6x - 2. / Your problem should look like: 6x - 2 = 6x - 2
Third, both sides are equal, so there are infinite solutions. The equation is always true.

Answer: infinite solutions