What is the subject in this simple sentence? Arabian, Appaloosa, and Morgan horses will be at the county horse show this week.






Answer 1
Answer: The answer is C. horses. The subject of the sentence can only be horses, as that is the only thing that works from the options provided but also because the sentence and the horse show are about the subject of horses. Appaloosa, Arabian, and Morgan are all breeds of horses.

Answer 2
Answer: horses because they are talking about different kind of horses or names of horses

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11) Excerpt from The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass Frederick Douglass By far the larger part of the slaves know as little of their ages as horses know of theirs, and it is the wish of most masters within my knowledge to keep their slaves thus ignorant. Which figure of speech does the author use in to compare slaves to horses? A) a simile B) a metaphor C) a hyperbole D) personification
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in the penultimate paragraph, the author says,"its hard to believe moocs will ever replace the dreaming spires of Oxford and Cambridge ," explain what the author means and briefly give your opinion regarding this matter.


The correct answer for the question that is being presented above is this one: "The author is trying to say Moocs will not reach the same level as Oxford and Cambridge meaning they are much better than Moocs." Oxford and Cambridge also has reputation to uphold as high education institution and therefore it sticks to its traditional teaching techniques.

My opinion, is that he is not really happy with that stuff, so he is trying to get rid of all that you know, and if a person is trying to get something, he will not right away sometimes, but later, or even in like couple of years, so I mean, it matters. Hope that this would help you. Have a great day, and time.

Which of these singular nouns has an irregular plural form? A. House
B. Foot
C. Bear
D. Chimney


Foot! The plural form of foot will become 'feet'. 

The answer is B! I hope this helps!

How is mowgli similar to and different from the rest of the pack in the jungle book? use TWO details from the text to support your answer.
( I just need the two details from the text)


Mowgli is human and they are wolves .but both have a heart and do what its telling them to

Mowgli is similar because like any other cub he was determined to stick with the pack but he was different because he wasn’t just a human (boy)

In "life without gravity" the author provides many ideas and details about living in microgravity. what do you consider the most important idea? In an essay describe the idea that you think is the most important and explain its importance.


The mostimportant idea is that of NASA handling effects and causes of microgravity inthe book ‘Living without gravity.’ Many problems that arise from living andworking in space are resolved. However, psychological effects of weightlessnessare still not fully understood. Among these are leaching of certain minerals;atrophy of muscles when not exercised and space adaptation syndrome, a form ofmotion sickness found in spaceflight. All deleterious effects of living inmicrogravity disappear after astronaut returns to ground. Some can beencountered while in orbit by special diet and exercises. However, vigorousexercise program does not appear to stop bone loss. NASA is engaged in along-term program to understand causes underlying these changes, to develop waysto prevent them. This will be important for longer tours of duty on SpaceStation, where crew members will be in orbit for three months or more.

Microgravityis the condition in which people appear to be weightless. Effects ofmicrogravity can be seen when astronauts float in space. Micro means ‘verysmall’ so microgravity refers to condition where gravity seems to be verysmall. In microgravity, astronauts can float in spacecraft or on a spacewalk.Heavy objects move around easily. For example, astronauts can move equipmentweighing hundreds of pounds with their fingertips. Gravity causes every objectto pull every other object toward it. People think there is no gravity inspace. A small amount of gravity can be found in space. Gravity is what holdsthe moon in orbit around earth. Gravity causes earth to orbit the sun. It keepsthe sun in place in Milky Way galaxy. Gravity does become weaker with distance.A person inside a spacecraft may feel very little gravity. But this is not whythings float on a spacecraft in orbit. The ISS orbits Earth at altitude between200 and 250 miles where earth’s gravity is 90% of what it is on earth’ssurface. So, if a person who weighed 100 pounds on Earth’s surface could climba ladder to space station, that person would weigh 90 pounds at top of theladder.

NASA studiesmicrogravity to learn what happens to people in space. Microgravity affectshuman body in many ways. For example, muscles and bones become weaker withoutgravity making them work as hard. Astronauts who live on space station spendmonths in microgravity. Astronauts who travel to Mars also would spend monthsin microgravity. NASA must learn about effects of microgravity to keepastronauts safe and healthy. Additionally, things act differently inmicrogravity. Fire burns differently. Without pull of gravity, flames are moreround. Crystals grow better. Without gravity, their shapes are perfect. NASAperforms science experiments in microgravity. These experiments help NASA learnthings that would be hard to learn on Earth. For same reason, microgravityexists in orbit, it can also be found on Earth. NASA uses airplanes to createmicrogravity for short periods of time. Airplane does this by flying inup-and-down parabolas. At top of the parabola, people and objects insideairplane are in free fall briefly going over a large hill, like on a rollercoaster. Microgravity is experienced in amusement park free-fall rides. NASAalso uses drop towers to study microgravity. Objects are dropped using specialequipment from top of tall towers, experiencing free fall as they drop.

NASA mustsucceed in resolving problems created by effects of microgravity.

In what way does the author's comparison of loyal folk musicians to those who moved onto rock and roll help the reader better understand the impact of folk music?


Despite the reach of the folk to the audiences, it was a great way to communicate the messages and reach to a huge audiences.


Even though in the 1960s the rock and roll music had taken over the folk music and teen agers were getting attracted towards i, but folk music was still a better to way to communicate serious messages about political and social unrest among the audiences.

The rock and roll music was still a teen ager thing and took up topics like romance, fun, cars etc. On the other hand the folk music spoke about the concerns of that time of the society and messaging could reach to huge audiences using trade marks.

What is one way that the setting of Hell is important in the Inferno?O
A. Hell's fictional characters show that Dante must believe Hell to be
a symbolic place of evil.
B. Hell is filled with rivers and lakes, which emphasizes Dante's love
for his home, the city of Florence.
C. Hell is centered around a dark castle, which suggests Dante
believes that Satan is a powerful king rather than a punished
D. Hell's organization from least sins to worst sins reflects unte's
belief in an orderly universe.


Most likely D.

A Most of the characters are based on real people or are real people sent to hell

B no

C I thought it was around Satan himself, trapped in the ice in the innermost circle?

D This makes the most sense

The different rings in Dante’s Inferno showcase the worst sins as you get to the inner rings (though honestly I feel some of the punishments in some of the outer rings are worst than some in the inner rings)

Hope this helped!
D because this it makes sense