Which term refers to President Roosevelt's radio broadcasts that outlined his plans for rebuilding the economy and gave hope to the American people ?A. fireside chats
B. political debates
C. state of the union speeches
D. press conferences


Answer 1

The correct answer is A.

The Fireside Chats were a series of radio interventions performed by President Roosevelt between 1933 and 1944. Millions of US people listened to him from there, where he spoke about the policies implemented by his goverment, such as the Emergency Banking Act and New Deal programs, that were introduced as a response to the harsh economic conditions brought by the Great Depressions, or about the situation in WWII.

Answer 2
Answer: The answer to your question is A. Fireside chats

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Which country was one of the Axis powers during World War II? A. France B. Canada C. Germany D. Great Britain
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The two-hundred-year period in Roman history marked by freedom, stability, and peace was known as the _____.Pax Romana
Hellenic Period
Hellenistic Period


The two-hundred-year period in Roman history marked by freedom, stability, and peace was known as the pax romana.
The Answer is Pax Romana

Which is true about diversity in the cabinet, counting only Obama's first term:Question 60 options:

A. George W. Bush had more minorities than Obama, but they both had the same number of women.

B. Obama had more women than Clinton and George W. Bush.

C. Obama had the same number of women as Clinton but more minorities.

D. George W. Bush had the same number of women but fewer minorities.


The correct answer is C. Obama had the same number of women as Clinton but more minorities.

While they had the same number of women - 7 women - it is important to note that while Obama had 7 women just in his first cabinet, Clinton only reached that number combining both terms.

On the other hand, Obama's first cabinet included more members of minorities - 9 racial and ethnic minorities  among 21 members - than Clinton's administration.

Who are the guys in this document that labeled themselves as “Me, Mac, and Teddy”


Mark Hanna (Me)

William McKinley (Mac)

and Teddy is Teddy Roosevelt.

Mark Hanna was shown throughout this time as the brains behind the Presidency/Vice Presidency of McKinley/Roosevelt and many people thought that Hanna was largely trying to push forward his own territorial agenda.

How did the American victory at Trenton affect Americans


All hope seemed lost, so after that battle, all the troop's hopes were renewed. Hope this helps.

What role did the U.S. government play in the building of the first transcontinental railroad?



A significant


I took the quiz

In 1862 congress passed the Pacific Railway Act, it authorizes the construction of the railroad

How is the US economy affected by the business practices of the Industrial Revolution



The Industrial Revolution entirely changed the economy of the United States, transforming it to a largely agricultural and plantation based economy to one heavily reliant on factories, production, and urban development. Large businesses became central to the economy, whereas previously small businesses were far more important and prevalent. Inventions such as the steam engine, electricity, and railroads, made it far easier to produce vast amounts of manufactured goods and transport them long distances, which again aided in the rapid development of the economy. The building of railroads all across the country made it possible for farms in Middle America to sell goods to the more heavily populated East Coast, which again greatly aided in their development and growth. It also created a far larger financial sector, which would eventually become the largest in the world by the beginning of the 20th century. The vast amount of resources, workers, and capital available to large businesses made it possible for the American economy to grow exponentially during this period, making the U.S one of the most wealthy and productive nations int the world.

I hope its helpful. If I'm incorrect comment please.