Which of these is NOT an environmental effect of burning fossil fuels?A. increased carbon dioxide levels

B. habitat loss

C. increased temperature

D. acid rain


Answer 1
Answer: i believe it would be B. habitat loss, it has no direct effect on habitats. but it may cause problems for the animals living in the surrounding habitat, from the other options. increase and temperature and carbon dioxide levels are dangerous for the surrounding environment, along with acid rain being a rare thing that can affect things

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Which of the following is NOT one of the structures of the excretory system?a.


I'm pretty sure the pancreas

How do scientists use weather variables to describe and predict weather?


temperature, pressure, wind speed and direction, cloud coverage,precipitation and humidity

the amount and type of precipitation in temperture rainforest is the same as tropical rainforest. T or F


There the same things basically

In a certain plant species, the allele for yellow seeds (Y) is dominant to the allele for green seeds. What is the phenotype result of a cross between a true-breeding yellow-seeded group of plants and a true-breeding green-seeded group of plants? A. all yellow seeds; no green seeds B. all green seeds; no yellow seeds C. 1/4 green seeds; 3/4 yellow seeds D. 1/4 yellow seeds; 3/4 green seeds @PinkFloyd


the answer is a because if u do a punnett square to get your results like i did, each plant would end up with the phenotype Y(yellow)y(green), and since they all have 1 dominant and 1 recessive, the dominant trait takes over, but the recessive trait is still there but it doesnt show up. 

hopefully my answer helps u

The purpose of a vortex instrument is to



The vortex created is a similar form of kinetic force to stirring, but minus a component that protrudes into the sample container. A vortex is the preferred choice for a host of microbiology and life science applications with sensitive samples or high throughput operations. A typical stirrer faces several limitations – for instance, it can only mix a single sample container at a time.


Vortex instrument is used to suspend cells that is, it is a simple device used to mix small vials of liquid in laboratories.

A scientific theory is more accurate then a scientific law? True or false


false. A theory is an educated guess a person can make while a law is something that many people have tested and found true, so it is exactly true.