Decribe how you regroup when you find the sum of 64 + 43


Answer 1
Answer: You would Not have to regroup for this problem
Answer 2
Answer: first u add the ones place and you get 7 then you add the tens place which u get ten so your answer is 107

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1/2r + 2(3/4r - 1) = 1/4r + 6
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Jack, Jill, and Bill each carried a 48 ounce bucket full of water down the hill.  By the time they reached the bottom, Jack's bucket was only 3/4 full, Jill's was 2/3 full, and bill's was 1/6 full.  How much water did they spill altogether on their way down the hill?
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Need #47 and #48 asap!!
20 pts!!



47-Step-by-step explanation:

X=121 because they are vertical angles

48- first divide 96 by 6 together the surface area of each side which is equal 16 then to find the length and the width find the square root of 16 which is 4 because it is a cube the length/width/height are all equal to four. So do 4 x 4 x 4 to find the volume of one cube. Which is equal to 64 then multiple by 8 to get the total volume 512cm^3

jimmy is trying to call carol. carol is on the ohone from 4:00 until 5:18. jimmy begins calling at 4:15 and then calls every five minutes how many calls can be made until carlos phone is not busy​


i think it is 12 times

What is the value of x? -2x + 8 = - 16


Solve the equation
So first we subtract 8 from both sides because we apply the inverse operation.
     -8      -8
Now we apply it and re write the equation
Now the inverse operation for multiplication is division, so we apply it.
 -2      -2
We are left with x=8
So our final answer is x=8

Check our work

you have to subtract 8 by  -16 and u get 8 then u divide 8 by 2x and u get 4

An African lion weighs 450 pounds what is the weight in ounces


450 pounds is equal to 7200 ounces
One pound is 16 ounces.

450 x 16 = 7200

7200 ounces.

What are two equivalent fractions for 2/10, three equivalents fractions for 3/11 and three equivalent fractions for 1/12?


Well, (2)/(10)=(1)/(5)=(3)/(15)=(4)/(20)=(5)/(25)=(n)/(5n) for every n integer.
(3)/(11)=(6)/(22)=(9)/(33)=(12)/(44)=(15)/(55)=(3n)/(11n) for every n integer.
(1)/(12)=(2)/(24)=(3)/(36)=(4)/(48)=(5)/(60)=(n)/(12n) for every n integer.
2/10 is equal to 1/5 cause u divide by 2 and 4/20 cause u divide by 2.for 3/11 r 6/22 cause multiply by 2 and 9/33 cause u multiply by3 finally 1/12 r 2/24 cause u multiply by 2 and 3/36 cause u multiply by 3

► 00:00Lorenzo has a package that weighs 2 pounds.
He wants to check the weight of the package on a scale, but he only has weights that are measured in ounces
Drag the weights into the box that will balance the scale. Each weight can be used once or not at all,
4 oz
10 OZ
12 oz
16 OZ
30 oz
Weights Needed to Balance Scale



16 oz, 12 oz, 4 oz

Step-by-step explanation:

Since 1 pound is equal to 16 ounces, and you can only use each weight once or not at all, you can determine how much is needed by simply adding.

2 pounds is equal to 32 ounces.

To achieve 32 ounces, you can use a 16 ounce weight, which will then bring the scale to need 16 ounces.

After this you can youse a 12 ounce weight, which brings it down to 4 ounces.

The last weight needed is the 4 ounce weight which will then level out the balance scale.