This is 5th grade work if you needed to know
This is 5th grade work if you needed to know - 1


Answer 1
Answer: To find volume multiply base times width times height. 
The dimensions of the fridge is 36 x 35 x 70. 
Multiply 36 x 35 to get 1260. 
Multiply 1260 x 70 to get 88200. 
The volume of the fridge is: 88,200 cubic inches. 
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Answer 2


88,200 cubeic in.

88,200 = volume

Step-by-step explanation:

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The percentage decrease in the number of cookies is given by the equation A = 62.5 %

What is Percentage Error?

The difference between an exact value and an approximation to it is the approximation error in a data value. Either an absolute error or a relative error might be used to describe this error.

Percentage error is the difference between the measured value and the true value , as a percentage of the true value

Percentage Error = [ ( | Measured Value - True Value | ) / True Value ]x 100

Given data ,

Let the percentage decrease be represented as A

Now , the equation will be

The initial number of cookies = 48 cookies

The final number of cookies = 18 cookies

So , the change in number of cookies = 48 - 18 = 30 cookies

So , the percentage decrease in cookies = ( change in number of cookies / initial number of cookies ) x 100

Substituting the values in the equation , we get

The percentage decrease in cookies A = ( 30/48 ) x 100

On simplifying the equation , we get

The percentage decrease in cookies A = 0.625 x 100

The percentage decrease in cookies A = 62.5 %

Therefore , the value of A is 62.5 %

Hence , the percentage decrease is 62.5 %

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48 minus 18=30 percent is the increase in the number of apps on Tan's phone

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Step-by-step explanation:

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