How do you do this problem?
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Answer 1
Answer: The pythagorean theorem states that a² + b² = c². 
We have a = 10 and c = 20. 
100 + b² = 400 
Subtract 100 from each side. 
b² = 300 
Get the square root of 300. 
It could be expressed as b ≈ 17.321, or could stay in radical form as√(300)
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Sea level is considered to be 0 feet. A probe released at sea level dropped at a constant rate for 3.25 minutes, reaching an elevation of −35.75 feet relative to sea level.What was the probe's elevation relative to sea level after the first minute?
What does b−2≥−1 equal ????
Factor. 25x^12-36y^14
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10x15 area

Here goes another question: 4/5%9/10 and please if you can with procces


When you divide a fraction by another fraction, it is the same thing as multiplying that fraction by its reciprocal.

The reciprocal is the 'flipped' version of a fraction where the numerator becomes the denominator and the denominator becomes the numerator.

for example, the reciprocal of 9/10 is 10/9

Knowing this information 4/5÷9/10 is the same as 4/5×10/9

Now we can solve...

(4)/(5) * (10)/(9) = (40)/(45) = (8)/(9)

Answer= 8/9

8/9 is the answer to your question 

Simplify each term by combining like terms:
5h + h + - 4h + 1 - 2h


2h+1-2h= 1

For an annual membership fee of $500, Mr. Bailey can join a country club that would allow him to play a round of golf for $35. Without the membership, the country club charges $55 for each round of golf. How many rounds of golf would Mr. Bailey have to play for the cost to be the same with and without a membership? Write an equation or inequality to describe this situation. *




Step-by-step explanation:

let the number of rounds of golf played for the cost to equal be x.

-It costs $35/ round when the membership of $500 is paid, hence, total annual cost is:


#When membership is not paid, the annual cost is expressed as:


#Since the cost should be equal after x rounds, we equate the two to solve for x:


Hence, Mr Bailey has to play 20 rounds of golf for the cost in both scenarios to be equal.

You can drive 720 miles in 8 hours on 32 gallons ?how far can you drive in 1 hour?

there is a picture


So if you go 720 miles in 8 hours, you would travel at a speed of:720 miles / 8 hours = 90 miles per hour.So in 1 hour, you would have traveled:90 miles per hour * 1 hour = 90 miles.(The gallons is irrelevant to the problem)
720 in 8 hours
the ratio is 720 to 8 or 720:8
this can be like fraction as 720/8
simplify it since 8=hours and you want 1 hour
90  mles in 1 hour on 4 gallons

Find four consecutive even integers with a sum of -52


Step-by-step explanation: In this problem we have four consecutive even integers that have a sum of -52. Consecutive even integers can be represented as followed.


X + 2

X + 4

X + 6

Since the sum of these is -52, we can set up an equation to represent this.

X + X + 2 + X + 4 + X + 6 = -52

4x + 12 = -52

4x = -64

X = -16

X + 2 = -14

X + 4 = -12

X + 6 = -10



Step-by-step explanation:

Let the integers be x, x+2,x+4,x+6