What is the exact answer to 30,321 divided by 46?


Answer 1
Answer: The exact answer is 659.1521
Answer 2
Answer: 30,321÷46=659.152173913

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According to the Fundamental Theorem of Algebra, how many roots exist for the polynomial function?
Is the point (-2, 5) a solution to the equation 2x + 5y = 0?
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Blake bought two iced coffees from Dutch Bros. He originally had $13.50 and now has $9. Write and solve an equation to find out how much each icedcoffee cost.



each ice coffee is $2.25

Step-by-step explanation:

13.50 - 9 = 4.50

4.50 / 2 = 2.25

The sum of three consecutive numbers is 45. What is the
largest of these numbers?




Step-by-step explanation:

a+a+1 +a+2=45

3a+3 =45



a=42:3 =14(the first number

14+1=15 (the second number

14+2=16 (the third number, the largest number

the histogram to the right displays the height of 122 trees and Mr. Maciag's subdivision. He is very excited about autumn and the leaves changing colors. Height ranged between 108 cm and 345 cm. Let the function "f" map a tree height to the frequency of the column that tree belongs to. What is the value of f(250)? Explain the steps you followed to find the value.​


Answer: 50

Step-by-step explanation:

f(250) = ?

Is asking, "What is the frequency (number of trees) that have a height of 250"

Look at the graph to see that when x = 250 (height), y = 50 (trees).

Therefore, f(250) = 50

What is the range of the absolute value function shown in the graph?



Range : [-6, ∞)

Step-by-step explanation:

Domain of any function on a graph is represented by the x-values (input values).

Similarly, Range of  function is represented by the y-values or output values of the function on a graph.

Therefore, domain of the given absolute function will be (-∞, ∞) Or set of all real numbers.

Range of the function → [-6, ∞) Or {y | y ≥ -6}

Which of these is the triangle proportionality theorem? First person to answer CORRECTLY gets brainliest


Answer: A.

Step-by-step explanation: Brainliest plz

Find the mD


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