Determine whether each number is rational or irrational
determine whether each number is rational or irrational - 1


Answer 1

A is rational

B is irrational

Product of a and b is irrational.

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The sum of two rational numbers is rational and the sum of a rational number and an irrational number is irrational what about the sum of two irrational numbers decide whether the sum of two irrational numbers is always rational always irrational or either rational or irrational depending on the case share your



The sum of two irrational numbers is always a irrational number

Step-by-step explanation:

You can take the number π+π and the result still is an irrational number,

you can also probe with a more common number like √2 and √3, thus, we always have an irrational result.

Remember, an irrational number is the one that can not be expressed as a fraction between two integers numbers, or has an infinite number of non repetitive decimals.


When you add two irrational numbers together, you get an irrational number. It's like if you do pi+pi and obviously you still can't write it as a fraction. Hope this helps.

Solve for x. Express the answer in simplest form,


(6x-1)/(5)=(3)/(1) \ \ \ |\hbox{cross multiply} \n6x-1=3 * 5 \n6x-1=15 \n6x=15+1 \n6x=16 \nx=(16)/(6) \nx=(8)/(3) \nx=2(2)/(3)
In order to solve for x, you need to isolate the x on one side.  First, you need to multiply the 5 onto the other side to get rid of the fraction.  Then, just add 1 and divide by 6 to isolate the x (steps will be shown below):


So, x = 8/3

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What i put up there is how you work it out.The answer is 72 you will learn that in 4th i still remember how my wonder ful teacher taught me!!

So it is 50 cents per pound and so multiply 3 by .50 and that is 1.50 dollars, for 3 pounds

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33/100 can't be simplified any further.

33/100 is the simplest form of what it is unless you round it down to 1/3.

Hope I helped! :)

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