Hi my math teacher makes my life impossible and I have no clue how to do this thanks!
Hi my math teacher makes my life impossible and I - 1


Answer 1
Answer: the answer is x^3 (when you have product of powers you just add them.).
Answer 2


x3, because when you have the powers (in x6, the "6" is the power) then you add the powers. x3 + x6 = x9. So your answer is x3.

Step-by-step explanation:

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7-6a=6-7a solve this problem step by step
How do you use the elimination method for this question? Please explain, because I really want to understand!
Which number sentences could be used to solve this problem?The members of an art club brought art supplies to work on a project.Each of the 15 members brought 4 paint brushes and 3 tubes of paint.What is the total number of art supplies the members brought?Choose all answers that are correct.
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a painter used 20 drops of red paint and 45 drops of white paint. How many drops of white paint should he add to 12 drops of red paint


The answer would be 27 drops of paint

Juan took 6 apples and cut each into eighths, how many pieces of apple did he have.


48 pieces of apple because it would be 6*8=48

I need Help q real quick




Step-by-step explanation:

i guesss

180 - 70 / 2 = 110/2 = 55 degrees

explanation: all the angles of a triangle add up to 180 degrees, and in an isosceles triangle, the two other triangles should be the same.

2/10times6/10. Please help



I believe the answer is 1 2/10

Hope this helps!

The answer is 3/25

you simplify 2/10 to 1/5

and simplify 6/10 to 3/5.

Then multiply the denominators

Jan's pencil is 8.5 cm long. Ted's pencil is longer. type a demical that could represent the length of ted's pencil


Answer: Ted's pencil could be 8.6 cm.

Step-by- Step explanation:

Since we have given that

Length of Jan's pencil= 8.5 cm

According to the question, we know that Ted's pencil is longer.

So, it must be larger in value than 8.5 cm .

So, it can be any decimal number greater than 8.5 cm

Hence, Ted's pencil could be 8.6 cm.

If Jan's pencil is 8.5 cm long, and Ted's is longer, anything larger than 8.5 should work.

Examples - 8.9 c.m.
                     9.6 c.m.

Determine the slope of a parallel to the folling line 9x + 7y = 10


Recall that the slope formula is y=mx+b (m is the slope)

You need to first get y by itself, to do that you subtract 9x on both sides of the equation

9x+7y=10         subtract 9x to the left side where it will cancel it because you're adding a positive to a negative number that are the same, then you subtract 9x to the right side of the equation

when you do that you should get: 7y= -9x+10

Now you divide 7 on both sides

you then should get: y= -9/7x-10/7