Question 2 Unsaved Simplify. 3c812c12


Answer 1
Answer: I think the answer would be that the dimplified form of 3c8/12c12 is

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EquationsWhat is the solution of the system of linear equations?
-3x + 4y = -18
2x - y = 7

(2, -3)
(2, 3)​


The solution of the system of linear equations given is (2,-3), the correct option is C.

What is System of Linear Equation?

The system of linear equation is set of equations which have a common solution.

The equations are

-3x+4y = -18

2x-y =7

The linear equations can be solved using substitution method

y = 2x -7 from equation 2 will be substituted in equation 1

-3x +4 ( 2x -7) = -18

-3x +8x -28 = -18

5x = 10

x = 2

y = 2 * 2 -7 = -3

To know more about System of Linear Equations



Step-by-step explanation:

-3x + 4y = -18

8x - 4y =   28

5x = 10

x = 2

4 - y = 7

-y = 3

y = -3

(2, -3)

Kenny has a jar full of nickels and dimes. If he counted the money in his jar, how much does he have ?




Step-by-step explanation:


Step-by-step explanation:

  it c

In a scale drawing, the length of the airplane is 7 inches. What is the length of the real airplane? Scale factor: 1 in:9 ft



63 ft

Step-by-step explanation:

Multiply your scale factor by 7.

  1 in : 9 ft . . . . . . . . . . your scale factor

  7·(1 in) : 7·(9 ft) . . . . . indicate the multiplication

  7 in : 63 ft . . . . . . . . do the multiplication


u mStep-by-step explanation:


Use the drawing tools to form the correct answer on the graph. Graph this function. - 2 + 8 = Reset ® Delet Undo Drawing Tools Click on a tool to begin drawing. Select Point 10 Line 8 3 6- 4 2 2 4 6 -2 8 10 -4 -10 -8 -6 -2 7071 Frmentum. All rights reserved.​


The graph of f(x) = -2x + 8 has a slope of -2, and a y-intercept of 8

The function is given as:

f(x) = -2x + 8

The above function is a linear function.

A linear function is represented as:

y =mx + c


m represents the slope, and c represents the y-intercept.

So, by comparison;

m =-2

c = 8

This means that the graph of f(x) = -2x + 8 has a slope of -2, and a y-intercept of 8

See attachment for the graph of the function

Read more about linear functions at:


we have,AD=x cmBC=AD=x cmAB=2AD=2x cmDC=4 cm+AB=(4+2x)cmPerimeter of the trapezium, p=38 cm

The state department of transportation is coordinating road crews to fix potholes after a particularly snowy winter. Initial estimates gave an average of 7.8 potholes per mile of highway. Find the probability that there are 11 or more potholes in a randomly selected one-mile stretch of highway. Use Excel to find the probability.



P(X≥11) = 0.1648

Step-by-step explanation:


Mean, μ = 7.3

Potholes, n = 11

The interpretation of the question is to calculate P(X ≥ 11)

It is known that

P(X) = P(1) + P(2) +.......+P(infinite)

We can say that

P(X) = P(X≤10) + P(X>10)

Make P(X>10) the subject of formula

P(X>10) = P(X) - P(X≤10)

P(X>10) is equivalent to P(X≥11) and P(X) = 1.

By substituton, we have

P(X≥11) = 1 - P(X≤10)

So, we'll solve P(X≤10) using the following steps using n as 10.

To solve the above question using Microsoft Office Excel, follow the highlighted steps below

1. First goto FORMULAS tan


3. Select the POISSON.DIST function.

4. Enter the values for the number of events and the mean of occurrences per interval. In this case, enter 10 and 7.8, in that order and 1 for Cumulative since this is a cumulative probability.

5. Press OK.

Excel would display the probability.

In this case, it is 0.83523

Remember that

P(X≥11) = 1 - P(X≤10)

By substituton

P(X≥11) = 1 - 0.83523

P(X≥11) = 0.16477


P(X≥11) = 0.1648

(See attachment)

. Five jobs (A, B, C, D, E) are already in the READY queue waiting to be processed. Their estimated CPU cycles are respectively: 2, 10, 15, 6, and 8. Using SJN, in what order should they be processed?



Job A - Job D - Job E - Job B - Job C

Step-by-step explanation:

Job A = 2

Job B = 10

Job C = 15

Job D = 6

Job E = 8

SJN (Shortest Job Next) is also known as Shortest Job First. In Shortest Job Next, the job with the shortest time among the available jobs is executed first then followed by the next job having the shortest time till all the jobs are finally executed.

Since all the five jobs are already in the queue: they will be processed based on the job having the shortest CPU time among the available job.

Job A will be processed first since it has smallest time of 2, followed by Job D with a time of 6, followed by Job E with a time of 8, followed by Job B with a time of 10 and finally Job C which is processed last.