Does anyone knows how to do this I don’t understand it.
Does anyone knows how to do this I don’t understand - 1


Answer 1
Answer: Between the two, the difference in x is -1 and the difference in y is 3. 
Y's difference is rise, and x's difference is run. 
Divide rise over run to get the slope. 
3 / -1 = -3 
So the slope is -3, eliminating 2 and 4. 
The y-intercept that fits the graph is 7, not -7. 
That means the correct equation is C. 
Hope this helps!
Answer 2
Answer: The correct answer is c

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Three brothers share 2 sandwiches equaly. how much of sandwich does brother get?
a report stated that 281,305,769 people visited us national parks in 2010. the author of a travel guide rounded the number of visitor to 281,300,000. to which place value did the author round the number of people who visited us. national parks in 2010?
Someone drove 20 miles in 24 minutes at this rate how many miles did they drive in 6 minutes
Emichee can you help me? A cylinder has a base with a radius of 8 inches and a height of 15 inches. What is the volume of the cylinder? ( Use =3.14)A. 376.8 in^3B. 753.6 in^3C. 3014.4 in^3D. 12,057.6 in^3
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The exponential function f(x) = 215e^0.0325x models the Siberian tiger population of China, f(x), x yearsafter 1990. If this trend continues, predict the Siberian tiger’s population in Chins in the year



They are both linear

Step-by-step explanation:

i did it on khan academy


789 Siberian tigers

Step-by-step explanation:

2030 = 40 years after 1990, so...

215 * e^(.0325*40) =

215 * e^1.3 =

788.89878405, which is approx. 789

Thirty-five percent of students at Jones High School ride the bus. Two hundred seventy-three students ride the bus. How many students go to Jones High School? A) 96 B) 560 C) 694 D) 780


Answer: D) 780 is the right option. The total number of students go to Jones High School=780.

Step-by-step explanation:

Let the total students go to the Jones High School be 'x'.

Percentage of students ride the bus=35%

Number of students ride the bus= 273

According to the given question,

35% of x=273

\n\Rightarrow(35)/(100)*\ x=273\n\n\Rightarrow\ x=(273*100)/(35)\n\Rightarrow\ x=780

he total number of students go to Jones High School=780.

when I solved it I got 750.(273÷.35=780)

a bucket holds 243.5 oz of water. The bucket loses 0.3 oz of water per second.In how many seconds will the bucket be 40% full


ok so 
t=time in seconds
therefor the smount lost for t seconds is 0.3 ties t or 0.3t
loss so it is ngative
the question is
243.5-0.3t=40% of 243.5
first, find 40% of 243.5
percent means partst out of 100 so 
'of' means multiply
40% of 243.5=0.4 ties 243.5=97.4
now the question is
for ease, multiply whole equation by 10 to make no decimals
subtract 2435 from b oth sides
divide both sides by -3

answer is 487 seconds (aka 8 mins, 7 secons)

answer is 487 sseconds


487 seconds

Step-by-step explanation:

Ur welcome TEEHEE

What is the greatest two-digit prime number whose digits are a prime and sum to a prime number?


The answer is 11.
11 is a prime number.
1 is a prime number
And the it's two digits ( 1 and 1) sum up to 2 which is also a prime number.

Hope that's correct and it help

Which phrase best describe the translation from the graph y = 2(x-15)^2+3 to the graph of y =2(x-11)^2+3?


f(x - n) - shift the graph n units right

f(x + n) - shift the graph n units left

f(x) - n - shift the graph n units down

f(x) + n - shift the graph n units up


y = 2(x - 15)² + 3

y = 2(x -11)² + 3 = 2(x - 15 + 4)² + 3

Answer: shift the graph of y = 2(x - 15)² + 3 four units left.

Answer:4 units to the left

Step-by-step explanation:

Simplify ratio 1.5:2.5


1.5:2.5=\underbrace{15:25}_(divide\ by\ 5)=\boxed{3:5}