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Answer 1
Answer: 59  is D 
because  with the point (-3,7) you substitute it into the equation, making it: 7=4x+b.  solve for b.  then you have y=4x+19.     work out the algebra in the possible choices and whatever equals y=4x+19 will be the answer. in this case, its D.

60 is C
same as above, you do the algebra of the equation. bring the one over after doing distribution with the 4 and voila!

61 is A
a relatively easy one, all you do is the the slope -4 where m goes, and 3 where b goes. y= -4x+3

62 is C.
this one requires more work.
chose one of the points, in this case (2,7) and put them into the equation. 
but wait, you need a slope! 
you get that use the formula (y2-y1)/(x2-x1) which will be
(7-5)/(2-3) which will be
now you have y-7= -2(x-2)

63 is  C.   y= 1/2x+3

64 is B. (3, -5)

66 is B. negative. the line  goes \ ( not / which is positive)

67 would be A. because it is positive and the I and the E are in the right places.

70 is C.  2/3.   as before, remember we can but the points into this equation and have (6-4)/(3-0) which = 2/3

71  is D.  y= 3x+10

72 is C. a third degree monomial

73 can't read

74 can't read 
75 can't read.


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m=158.2g\n\nV=106ml=(106:1000)l=0.106l=0.106dm^3=0.106\cdot(10cm)^3\n\n=0.106\cdot100cm^3=106cm^3}\n\ndensity=(m)/(V)\n\ndensity=(158.2b)/(106cm^3)=(1582g)/(1060cm^3)\approx1.49\ g/cm^3


158.2/106 = 1.49245283 grams per mL

Step-by-step explanation:

Your friend has owned a dog for 9 years. This is one year less than twice as long as he has owned a cat. How long has your friend owned a cat?



He has owned a cat for 5 years.

Step-by-step explanation:

He has owned a dog for 9 years, and this time is one year less than twice as long as he has owned a cat.

So, we can express this like:


Solving for x:


Therefore, he has owned a cat for 5 years.

your friend has owned a cat for 17 years, because 9 times 2 subtracted by 1 equals 17

Which of the following is the area of a trapezoid whose dimensions are base one = 10 cm, base two = 5 cm, and height = 2 cm?30 squared cm

30 cm

15 cm

15 squared cm



The correct answer is D. 15 squared centimeters.

Step-by-step explanation:

1. Let's review the data given to us for solving the question:

Base one = 10 centimeters

Base two = 5 centimeters

Height = 2 centimeters

2. Let's find out the area of the trapezoid, using the following formula:

Area = 1/2 (Base one + Base two) * Height

Replacing with real values:

Area = 1/2 (10 + 5) * 2

Area = 1/2 (15 * 2) = 1/2 (30)

Area = 15 centimeters ²

The correct answer is D. 15 squared centimeters.

My backyard at the old house was 10yd by 22yd. The current backyard is 15yd by 15yd. a)Determine the area of each yard.b) Determine the perimeter of each yard
c) which yard has more room for my kids play in.
d) Which yard requires more fence to enclose?



a) yard 1: 220yd^2 yard 2: 225yd^2

b) yard 1: 64yd. yard 2: 60yd

c) yard 2

d) yard 1

Step-by-step explanation:




a) 220 yd for the OLD HOUSE

a) 225 yd for the CURRENT HOUSE

b) 64 for the OLD HOUSE

b) 60 for the CURRENT HOUSE

c) the CURRENT HOUSE has more room for the kids (the area is bigger (area=space inside)

d) the OLD HOUSE requires more fence, because the perimeter is bigger (perimeter=the outside of the square)

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How many hours are in 186 minutes express this as a mixed number and as a decimal


186 minutes is 3 hours and 6 minutes. As a decimal this is 3.1 hours and as a mixed number it is 186/60.

A group of mountain climbers begin an expedition with 250 pounds of food. They plan to eat a total of 12 pounds of food per day. Write and solve a linear equation to find the number of days their food will last,


The 250 pounds of food will last for 20.83 days.

What is an equation?

An equation is a combination of different variables, in which two mathematical expressions are equal to each other.

Given that,

Initial quantity of food = 250 pounds,

Since, mountain climbers begin to eat 12 pounds per day,

Let the food will last for x days,

The equation can be written as,

12x = 250

x = 20.833

The food will last for 20.83 days.

To know more about Equation on:


Use the equation y=mx+b where m is the slope (how much it increases each time) and b is the y intercept (starting point).

Your equation would be: y=12x+0 because they eat 12 pounds each day and they start out having eaten 0 pounds.

To solve the equation, plug in the total amount of food for y and use algebra to solve for x:
(divide by 12)

Their food would last approximately 20 days. (Make sure you round if required)

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