King Louis XVIA.He admired the revolution's principles.B.He was suspicious of the leaders of the revolution.C.He felt it was a much better revolution than the American Revolution.
D.He was frighten by the lower class's involvement in the revolution.


Answer 1
Answer: I think the answer is A

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This Country controlled the southern and western parts of North America in 1783
One paragraph about Lincoln/Douglas Debates contributed to cause the Civil War?
Mollusks display_____symmetry.
3 reasons why Louis Riel is a HERO?

If you were president in 1796, what three steps would you take to protect the United States from its more powerful neighbors?


Let's see... Ask the Crown from England to send me more troops to protect my country, take over all the people and land I could, and make LOOOOTS of alliances with powerful people and natives. Hope this helps!!!

Hanna hypothesizes that granite is denser than sandstone. How can Hanna test her hypothesis? A. Melt each rock down inside a high-temperature furnace, and then measure the volume of the two liquefied rocks. B. Examine the rocks under a hand lens and determine which rock seems to have the largest particles. C. Weigh each rock to determine which is the heaviest, and thus the densest. D. Measure the mass of the rocks with a balance and the volume of the rocks with water and a graduated cylinder. Then calculate their densities.


D. Measure the mass of the rocks, etc, because Mass divided by volume = density

the answer is D  Measure the mass of the rocks with a balance and the volume of the rocks with water and a graduated cylinder.

How would Shari'a law affect your life​


I think it would affect it by...

-God and religion controls government
-Children are forced to pray in schools
-100% focused on wars
-They are against women’s rights &
-Oppose sex education, contraceptives, & people who are in the lgbt community

consider the challenges and opportunities facing a forty-niner what kinds of qualities do you think this kind of person would have to possess



The Forty-Niners  were settlers who arrived in California in 1849 because gold was discovered at Sutters Mill. In that respect, about 80,000 forty-niners came to California hoping to become rich. Considering few of them had gold-mining experience, the average forty-niner would have been benefited from having a digging background, since it would have given them a way to succeed.

I believe that forty-niners got the opportunity to get rich, but they would have to leave their families to (probably) spend a lot and not get rich. They would have to be hopeful and persistent.

Who are some senators of New York?


Two senators that I know of right now are Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand

The Tea Act of 1773 angered colonists because it


The Tea Act of 1773 angered colonists in that it taxed the colonists for something they consumed regularly for the purpose of propping up a privately owned British company.

It was, in essence, the straw that helped break the camel's back.