This amendment gives citizens the right toA. bear arms against the government.
B. establish a national religion.
C. influence their representatives' decisions.
D. vote in elections.

the answer is C


Answer 1

The correct option is C

The First Amendment (Amendment I) to the Constitution of the United States prohibits the creation of any law with respect to the official establishment of a religion, which prevents the free practice of the same, that reduces the freedom of expression, that violates the freedom of press, which interferes with the right of peaceful assembly or that prohibits requesting compensation for governmental grievances. It was adopted on December 15, 1791, as the first of the ten amendments to the Bill of Rights.

Answer 2


C is correct


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In which did the Supreme Court rule that the us government had the right to regulate private business


The case was Munn v. Illinois.

Munn v. Illinois of 1876 was Supreme Court decision in which the Court upheld the power of states governments to regulate private businesses that effect 'the common good ' ( the public well-being ).

The National Grange, an association of farmers, complained that the Chicago grain warehouse Munn and Scott set maximum rates that a company could charge for storage and transport of agricultural products.

The Supreme Court ruled that because grain storage facilities were devoted to public use, their rates were subjects to public regulation.

This case was a watershed in the struggle for public regulation of private businesses. The government's power to regulate private enterprises was however sharply curtailed by other court decisions later on.

The Declaratory Act of 1766 stated _______________________. a.

that colonists were to trade only with England


that there would be a tax on sugar, rum, and molasses


that Parliament could make decisions concerning the colonies without conferring with colonists before passing laws


the colonists intention to be independent from England


The answer is (C).
-The parliament could make decisions....
I believe the answer is B! Hope this helps. :)

What is the difference between renewable and nonrenewable resources? Place each concept into the correctcategory
are able to be replenished
Renewable Resources
Nonrenewable Resources
include certain minerals
include fossil fuels
include land and sunlight
are not able to be replenished
include wind and water



Renewable Resources- are able to be replenished, include land and sunlight, include wind and water.

Non-renewable Resources- are not able to be replenished, include fossil fuels, include certain minerals.


Resources are those elements or things that are found in the earth and are important for the sustenance and survival of human beings and other living things on the planet. And these natural resources can be classed into two groups, renewable and non-renewable resources.

Renewable resources, like the name signifies, are those resources that can be renewed or remade even after continuous use. Such things include wind, sunlight, land, water, etc. They can be replenished and thus, have no limit to be exhausted.

On the other hand, non-renewable resources are those that cannot be replenished or renewed once their capacity is reached. They are limited and thus, have to be used sparingly and in good or careful consideration when used. Such resources are fossil fuels, certain minerals, such resources take years and years to be even made, thus making them scarce and needed to be conserved when used.  



Renewable Resources: are able to be replenished, include land and sunlight, include wind and water

Nonrenewable Resources: include certain minerals, are not able to be replenished, include fossil fuels

Which of the following Southwest an American Indian groups disappear in sometime around the year 1300


Wheres the list i got to have a list to be able to do it

The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand caused a conflict between which twocountries (that led to WWI)?
A)Russia and Serbia
B) Germany and Austria-Hungary
C) Russia and France
D) Serbia and Austria-Hungary



D. Serbia and Austria-Hungary


D) Serbia and Austria-Hungary

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#1 is 3