Accepting a generous donation from Dexlab

Hi all! The guys at Dexlab have offered to officially donate their Discord server and Twitter account. Should we accept these or create fresh ones for the project?

My inclination is to accept on a provisional basis while it is put to a vote. Anyone second?


Aye aye matey. Looks like a good plan

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Sure, looks good to me. Let’s vote!

Sounds like a great idea

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I motion to cross pollinate and to take DexLab up on their offer, but to also create stand alone for branding purposes and autonomy. Can I get a second?

Standalone Twitter? Discord?

PieDAO runs Twitter page, and Discord (although if that is not possible as you require someone elses server), just saying separate for branding. Simply under PIEDAO, I say this so people don’t hijack if project splinters like others. Could happen. I was responding to your initial question in the forum.

The proposal from Dexlab would have their account and server rebranded to PieDAO.

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Sorry if that wasn’t clear :sweat_smile:

Ok. Dexlab has changed the names and donated the server and Twitter account to us. We will have an official vote to ratify the decision next week once more members have been voted in. If it fails, we’ll create fresh accounts and servers.

I feel it’s a great way to boostrap the community. The channel rebranded are already reaching more that one thousand people.


I second the motion to accept dexlab’s offer. User base and following will get a kickstart