Adding DOUGH to DeFi+S?

I assume DeFi+S is getting re-worked to follow DeFi+L. Any thoughts on adding DOUGH as a component of the index?


As far as I’m aware there aren’t a huge number of available strategies for the assets in +S currently.

Would love to see what options there are.

Regarding adding DOUGH this has been voiced a few times in the past and I’m sure many would back a formal proposal.

Since then DOUGH’s value proposition has continued to increase, now playing a role as a DeFi passport with meta-governance, and providing a clear value accrual mechanism by capturing a share of the protocol fees.

I liked the tagline “eat what we bake” in the last discussions, is it finally time?

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I believe that DOUGH will really form into a defi governance password in a few months and thus deserves a place in the pie. Let’s DAO it.

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It will have my vote once it makes it’s way to Snapshot :innocent:

Looking at the market cap of the other tokens and their liquidity compared to DOUGH I don’t think it would be a good fit at this moment.

I like DOUGH and I think it has a lot of potential but DEFI+S is currently not the right place for it I think.

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I don’t think we know the implications of governance tokens ten years from now. I feel like we shouldn’t keep our DOUGH correlated to our other projects. In theory we can always hold that card up our sleeve?

For example if a protocol controls a large amount of governance tokens and is passively managed by a program…like PieDAO, do we give up our rights to an algorithm? Just think that some weird automated hacks could happen and the whole governance coils be pulled away from a community.

Hey I’m new here so definitely not up to speed on all of the governance checks in place, but how does allowing your portfolios to hold the governance token not present a massive conflict of interest? The scenario that I keep playing in my head involves someone cornering the market on DOUGH, proposing and voting on an allocation shift in the underlying portfolios that requires effectively 100% DOUGH allocations, and then selling off to the portfolios in a pump and dump before investors can pull their money. There’s a reason that mutual funds don’t hold the stock of their parent companies. It seems that this sort of barrier should be codified for PieDAO.


If DOUGH is too small for DeFi+S, perhaps it could go in a Balancer ecosystem pie, similar to YPIE?

The allocation could be the DOUGH / ETH Balancer Pool Token, rather than plain DOUGH. The Pie could also include other Balancer collaborations like the Aave BPT, staked in the Aave Safety Module.

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I think you’re mistaken. Name one publicly traded fund issuer that specifically doesn’t allocate to their parent? SPY absolutely holds STT. It goes the other way, too. Right now Greyscale’s parent is buying up GBTC. There’s good reasons for DeFi+S not holding DOUGH but because it’s the governance parent isn’t one of them.