Adding wrapped UST to USD++ Index

We have seen the increasing trajectory of Terra UST as a good hedge against more centralized stablecoins. As there is more interest in UST and a growing use case for the wrapped token as well as the native, what are the community’s thoughts on adding wrapped UST to the index?

Want to bump this up - is there any interest from the community to support UST?

Without any technically founded opinion, I’m in favor of diversifying the Pie. It would be an option to consider if technically feasible and properly analized

Yea the way I look at it, it’s a good hedge against centralized stables getting nationalized etc. While algo stables aren’t perfect, I haven’t really seen a better attempt so far than UST and even a small allocation could be great.

you shold take the conversation to Discord to generate more visibility and momentum. Position your idea at #governance or #usd++ and see if you get more concensus for your idea

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Will do