Auditing firms recap

I’ve got in touch with different auditing firms to audit BTC++ smart pool.

The companies being considered right now are:

Luckily, the code-base is lean and designed to be simple, pricing wise the quotes go between $3,000 to $4,500.

As discussed in the last community call, I will soon initiate a proposal for DOUGH holders to fund the auditing (or perhaps part of it in collaboration with some grant?).

Before that, I’d like to ask the community to vocalize their feedback and/or opinions on the selected firms.


I have no strong opinions on any of them.

I think it would beneficial to go with an auditing firm which is well known. I think quantstamp is well known and delivered a good job to other projects so far.

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Quantstamp has indeed good reputation and it’s good for PR. I think it would be a good choice.

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Additionally, I’m applying for a 1 day security review

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