Balanced Crypto Pie - Low Volatility variant ($BCP-LV)

Hello everyone. First time posting on this forum, searched and couldn’t find any proposals similar to this so hoping it hasn’t been brought up before:

I’d like to propose a low volatility variant of our popular $BCP, perhaps with ticker $BCP-LV. This would be a token representing liquidity provider shares of $BCP paired with $USD++.

It is no secret previous crypto bear markets have been long and brutal. The goal of this token would be to allow risk-averse, potential $BCP investors, to allocate towards a risk-minified variant of the balanced crypto pie. Holders of the $BCP-LV, differing from $BCP, would have limited risk/reward but also be long volatility through accruing a % of any trading fees associated with being a liquidity provider.

While investors could emulate this token on their own, I’d personally be much more inclined to enter $BCP-LV through the bakery - instead of: baking $BCP, buying $USD++ (or some other stablecoin(s)), and entering an LP position (that I have to track on info.uniswap vs. coingecko).

Thank you for your consideration

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This fund c10 hedged

Invests in the top 10 projects and transfers capital in and out of crypto and USD. If you look at the white paper the back testing suggests they would have captured a substantial amount of the upside and reduced down side loss.

Not sure if something like this is possible. White paper has a lot more details in the link above.