BCP Growth Stats

Dashboard: https://gateway.pinata.cloud/ipfs/QmTBkwHfewPzyxBSjZ9spsGYuUzDoqU3bGZHc5sYo2HFkg/BCP_Oven_Users_Analysis_Dashboard_6313042656471859904.html

BCP DEX Volume 30 days Analysis Dashboard: https://gateway.pinata.cloud/ipfs/QmVUwzVNuUqVr3xjBunxbx8EXiAkib11GGmXVv8omX7CKJ/BCP_DEX_Vol_30_days_Analysis_Dashboard_6377163119903256622.html


Great job Fav :ok_hand:

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Nice !!

Why this dump in January for the BCP oven users ? Is it possible to make a point for each week ? ( could be interesting to see if more people use it during the week of the contest where we promoted the Oven

Are you planning to make it “dynamic” (accessible is real time) ?

for sure it’s possible

not possible with ipfs, but data is from https://explore.duneanalytics.com/dashboard/piedao-user-metrics + https://explore.duneanalytics.com/dashboard/piedao-assets-performance

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Excellent job on the dashboard @fav!!

Does this help?


yep ! cool . very interesting data. thought BCP will have more users than other Pies . It’s the case but it’s not crazy