Better Know each other

Hi guys

I’m around since some times now, and I’m still not sure who is doing what in the core team :smile:.

A lot of people like to know who is behind a project. Few people already asked me If i personally know you (even if I’m also anon, so it’s strange ^^) , because they can’t find any infos about the team on the website.

And i’m sure some people do not use PieDAO because of this.

I don’t know if our core team wants to stay anon (I think it’s fair).

But can it be a good idea to add a page on the website , at least to present members of the core team ?

And would be also cool to have something similar with people from the community to know skills we have around here.

ps: This post is not to force the team to be public is they don’t want. Its just based on feedbacks i have and also as a way to make the project ,maybe, more attractive.

And we should at least to the second part, and know other members of the DAO better


I asked this on Discord and Ana and the team said it was a good idea.

I guess there’s too much going on atm which is understandable.

Just to reiterate , I agree with Cryptouf in that there is no pressure on the team to put up a public profile but some info on the technical expertise behind the team would be a positive for the DAO project in my opinion.

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but i guess it ok based on this article. Alex used his real name (I guess)

So at least the main dev of the project (I guess he is) his known. and a lot of people will like it !

You can find the team on Twitter, pretty much the same name on Discord as Twitter.

I’m a fan of putting up a staff page on websites but I’ve felt like the dev team is trying to promote the community more than promoting themselves and that’s good for long term growth.

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Yes but here is not about the community or promoting the team.

It’s to reassure users. I’m not saying it’s my case. But I already received several pm asking if I knew the team because people are afraid to use a protocol when they don’t know who is behind.

Even if giving a name doesn’t prove it’s serious, people are asking for it.

And I guess it’s then also related to marketing in some ways. Even if the team is anon, if influencers speak about a project, then people think it’s legit. It’s stupid but it’s like that ^^ that’s why people with anon team can have big succes.

And it can’t hurt to have a very simple web page with name or @, a the role .

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I understand, and I agree that it can help with user confidence.

Maybe we can also add a get to know the devs section in the newsletter / blog too? That’s content that would appeal to people with high and low confidence in the devs.

ha yes could be a good idea. Every week , one member ! But ppl need to be registered :crazy_face:

So website you stay a priority IMO

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Yes! Website first then interviews

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Sure, it was something discussed few days ago on Discord, so imo could make sense to create an intro page if requested.

PieDAO team is definitely NOT anon…real names and profiles can be easily found around (twitter, medium, etc). But happy to make these info more easily accessible if it provides value to the project :slight_smile:


haha i was not 100% sure about that.

So yes, not reason not to put it on the website. I’m sure a lot of people are asking the same question so it could help. Especially now, with all those scams

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Alex’s manifesto suits me very well. I am proud to be part of this community. I agree there is no urgency to get it out, but I like the idea.

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