Bounty Program Votes

This thread is being opened to track active votes on bounty proposals. Please watch it for new governance votes on bounty proposals. Before votes are made, there is a general discussion about the proposals in the Discord #development channel.

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@travisdmathis proposes completing the following outstanding issues at the noted rates: 4 - 8 hours (1397.6 - 2795.2 $DOUGH) 4 - 8 hours (1397.6 - 2795.2 $DOUGH) 8 - 16 hours (2795.2 - 5590.4 $DOUGH) 8 - 16 hours (2795.2 - 5590.4 $DOUGH)

Full details are available in the proposal document located at

The vote is located at


Hi, over the last couple months I been working on the ExperiPie which was recently transferred to the official PieDAO repository :partying_face: !
The ExperiPie whichi is based on the Diamond Pattern will be the base layer for yield farming pies and meta governance!
Iā€™m requesting a bounty of 6624.31 dough for the smart contract work done :slight_smile:

Full details:

The vote is located at: