BSC - Cz Pie - BSC BIG 10

I propose the 1st BSC pie with as follows coins

  1. CAKE -
  2. AUTO -
  3. XVS -
  4. HELMET -
  5. ALPACA -
  6. SXP -
  7. TWT -
  8. BAKE -
  9. BIFI -
  10. BELT -

with ESP waiting to take any of the others place (curve fork)
Brry -


Are these in any order? Are they top ten by market cap? Like the idea, but I have never used Binance. I was thinking a centralized vs decentralized dex Pie the past couple of days, but I think the potential synergy of the shared chain could be huge. This makes me wonder if also including the bridge into and out of the chain would be profitable as well.

Great thoughts.

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Not in order of anything but IMO after a few months on BSC those are the top or up and coming projects on BSC, I think you can bridge already Piedao Indexes to BSC using ptokens, weighing and stuff like that could be by marketcap

Binance have been running a Most Valuable Builder Program and it’s currently on Phase 3.

These are the top 5 projects still standing.


Might be worth keeping an eye on these as they stand to get serious backing from April.

No from me I don’t think we should be promoting this centralised crap, other than to bring users over to proper decentralised projects. BSC is not Defi it’s Cefi.

They also copy/paste legitimate projects and just add ponzinomics and referral crap.

agree. but i think some projects are on there purely because the barrier for entry is low with the cheap fees which will in turn make their projects gain traction faster. for good innovative projects, yes. if it’s a just a fork from something popular, no.

for 1 if piedao doesn’t move to BSC other will and the next opportunity will “cost” more as competition will be larger right now there is very little, + Who really cares what you think about BSC honestly ? Go where the Users are and where fees are low… forks of something popular LOL so no sushi then right? oh wait but thats on eth so its ok? what a joke… stop it will that BS,

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Hey! I just registered on the forum for the first time because I wanted to propose a similar pie.

Ellipsis (EPS) just overtook YPIE in TVL. This is huge! It’s only a week old (and by the way, it’s giving out HUGE rewards if you go and stake EPS - close to 5% a day instantly claimable).

I think PieDAO should be all over this and make a BSC YPIE as soon as possible. The low gas fees and the fact ethereum upgrades have been delayed make this a golden opportunity.

I’m all in favour of this proposal.

CAKE, VENUS and EPS should definitely be in it. Imagine all of the above coins set on compounding interest, turned into a tokenised pie that just appreciates in value. Damn tasty if you ask me! PieDAO team, let’s do this!! <3


100% agree very easy to put most of these coins to “work” safely and VERY cheaply probably would be the best earning pie out if created. Its been talked about for months not sure why we cant get something going team has stated they tested BSC and thigs are working. I expected this to get moving much faster, My guess is their focused on V2 of ovens and PLAY

I think that multiple markets will continue where users want different experiences. I don’t want to limit PieDAO frkm someone that wants a more centralized experience. I think if we can get Tiramisu going, and run some tests etc. This can diffently get alot of traction.

I agree, I think a mixed centralised and decentralised pie would be profitable.

If the exchanges are not making money no one is.

It would give people a great intro into BSC and there’s no point in denying it exists.

I’ve looked for a Centralised Index and the only one I can see is Synthetix sCEX Index and that is by their own admission not popular and seems to have been abandoned to its fate

Last Year Centralised Exchanges done really well and they will continue to do so why not have a pie that covers them all + BSC

I think they will be able to adopt what the DEXs do well because of the open source nature of most protocols. So it’s not like they can get completely left behind…plus not everyone wants to do the DAO thing, or yield game etc.