Build work for PieDAO Chinese community


build the Chinese community for PieDAO to start to build the East ecosystem of PieDAO (marketing, BD, and more).


the details about this proposal in:


Starting at: $5000 per month
Afterward: Re-price according to PieDAO’s needs


  • Payment: Before the start of each work month.
  • 2.5k USDC + 1.53k DOUGH
  • BUT in cases where DOUGH goes down in price where the total amount to less than $5k, DOUGH amount would be increased to make up the gap.
  • DOUGH’s price is calculated in accordance with the real-time price at the time of payment.


WhaleDAO is incubated by DAOSquare and is committed to helping high-quality and valuable projects around the world build their ecosystem in China. (the details about WhaleDAO in dropbox doc)


  • Aragon
  • Terra
  • API3
  • BrightID
  • Ceramic

ETH address: 0xd4CcE655f1F229e03DE733Df3a3df3B2f015198b

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Looks familiar, I recognize you from Aragon China:

IMO I’m all for someone taking the lead in Chinese community building but just felt there should be a formal forum discussion before a snapshot Vote is put into effect, per delineated process.

@Typto How will the community build work? Will it lead Chinese users to our current discord or is it a build of a separate website specifically for Chinese users (Aragon China example above)? If their is a build of a separate site, what happens when we stop paying? Who retains control? Can you share results from use cases listed above (Aragon, Terra, etc.)


I completly agree. Nothing against a Chinese community . But doing a snapshot before doing a thread on the forum, and before any discussion is very bad for the DAO.

Especially after this thread: How To Prioritise PIPs & Guidelines For Good Interactions in the Forum

You are asking 5k here, we don’t know you (maybe some does, but not everyone). It’s 1/3 of the allocated budget based on this: PIP-36 - Formalize Budget for Operational & Grants

Unfortunately the vote is already on, and it will pass. But it’s not how the DAO should work. We have to say when things are good, but we also have to say it when it’s not. And here, i’m very disappointed. :disappointed_relieved:

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“doing a snapshot before doing a thread on the forum” is my mistake, so when I heard this rule, i did this to make up my mistake. thanks to anyone who reminded me!

“we don’t know you”, emm, it’s not should be a reason especially that we’re a DAO, not a company. My understanding is that any member of PieDAO has the right to submit a proposal. I’m a member of PieDAO. btw, welcome to check my twitter handle: . @mars has found a proposal about me from the Aragon forum. maybe we can find more clues!

on the other hand, you know that PieDAO are working hard for the Chinese market to help PieDAO increase its value these days. For me, I’m very willing to help PieDAO achieve this goal, because I’m a believer and promoter of DAO. so, I’ve already begun to work hard for this before submitting the proposal and have done a lot of work. If I take the time to understand how to submit a proposal before doing these works, we’ll miss a lot of works. I don’t think any member of PieDAO wants to see it. So what’s the most important thing? surface form? or essence? Of course, I’m not making excuses for my mistakes. I still have to apologize. Thank you for your reminders. I‘ll learn more to update myself.

Let’s work together to advance the development of PieDAO!

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1 - No matter who will run it in the future, PieDAO Chinese community will always belong to PieDAO.
2 - Plz check the proposal document to look at the details of our work content.
3 - I need to clarify that the cost for this proposal (5K/M), It’s far below WhaleDAO’s pricing rule. Our basic price is 12K/month. The reason why we’re willing to discount at this stage is because of our support for PieDAO and our support for DAOs.

my point his. Maybe some people know you and will support you. But it doesn’t mean you can bypass rules. If there are rules they are the same for ALL members.

Follow rules ! It’s how you make a good DAO. Here you are asking 5k, 1/3 of the budget and the community can’t discuss it. I’m not saying you don’t deserve it. I’m just saying there is a good way to make a proposal and ask for a grant. If we all do that then, it’s a mess and there is no DAO.