Building a site that lets people invests in PieDAO trackers

Hey :),

I am a generalist software engineer, currently discovering the world of Blockchain.

I want to work a on a small project (not meant to go to prod): a website that lets people with metamask buy into some PieDAO tracker. Is this something that you think is technically possible, or is the PieDAO architecture not enabling this (yet)?

If yes, how would you architect it, at a very high level please?


Hey Borimar,

Feel free to ask it on discord, you might get more answers there !
i’m not able to answer as i’m not a technical guy

talk to you soon

Sorry for the silly question, but could you elaborate this ?

Also, Snook has a good point, drop the question in Discord in the #development channel

Will shift to Discord.
I meant, let users buy coins associated with PieDAO trackers.

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