Change SLICE redemption asset

Quick post:
It seems to be time to consider changing the constitution of SLICE from PLAY to another asset. NFTs have been getting rekt recently and the metaverse is still a long way from being a revolutionary space, with the rampant speculation that drove the price of PLAY up circa last year mostly gone - with a corresponding drop in token value.


  • Keep PLAY
  • DeFi
  • BCP

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Hey 50 !

Thanks for the post ! I share the same thought on timing to change the allocation of slice !

On the format, could you please use a template ?
(See [PIP-69] Governance Voting Framework for general guidance and this Generic Proposal Gate 1 — Template for a structured post on the forum.

It’s not a complex subject so no need to spend hours but respecting the format helps reading and stay consistent :slight_smile:


I’m for this!


me two

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yeah why not, thou… we are now closer to the bottom…

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lets sell and move on

What better time to buy BCP? Let’s Do It!

Hello there ! (General Kenobi)

Thanks for all the votes, appreciated !

@50shadesofgwei and I will work today or tomorrow to build a Snapshot proposal for BCP since it’s the majority of the vote !

See you around !


Forgot to mention the the vote is live !! :slight_smile:

Don’t forget to vote folks !


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