Community Calls Day and Time

I’m opening this post to get feedback on which day is most suitable to host the Community Calls. I’m setting a Poll below, and the outcome will determine November’s community call slot!

When shall we host the Community Calls?
  • Europe time: Morning
  • Europe time: Evening
  • Europe time: Afternoon
  • America time: Morning
  • America time: Evening
  • America time: Afternoon
  • APAC time: Morning
  • APAC time: Evening
  • APAC time: Afternoon

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America time: Evening (EST) please!

I’d be ok with a midnight PST aka European morning but I think that’d be too late for the rest of the USA.

Woudln’t it be an easier poll to say to get only 3-4 choices ?
Like Europe Evening / US Morning / Asia Night (to make it simple, i’m dead tired so i’m not sure it would be the good time zones)

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Built it like this site easier for the voter. Eg. If I’m in Asia I pick Asia options. After we get this fist poll done I’ll open a new one about the slot.

it would be nice not to have it always on fridays though. some members might have specific needs so rotating dates would be ideal in my opinion