Compensation for Active Asset Allocations


I am a portfolio manager in the traditional finance world and blockchain enthusiast. I just discovered PieDAO and it looks awesome!
While I understand the incentives to create stable, i.e. non-changing allocations, via PieDAO I am not sure whether I can create an “active fund” here. As far as I have understood all fees go to DOUGH holders independently of their contribution towards individual fund decisions. Is that correct?

I would love to create and maintain a fund via PieDAO, but I am wondering whether there is an incentive for me to do that if I do not own many DOUGHs since I have no way to collect any streaming/performance fees.


Hey, thanks for opening this PIP! If you have the chance would help to rename the post by adding a PIP ref # (i.e. PIP 33 at the time of writing) for easier future reference.

This topic of managed “personal pies” (+ possible whitelisting of participating addresses) was brought up a few times, also during the last community call. This would in fact be enabled by the tech of the upcoming experiepie, currently under audit.

Here’s a recent mention of the topic on our discord.