Consider creating a 'staker pie'

Today I attended an online presentation organized by the Tezos Tokyo Meetup given by Jonas Lamis, the Founder and CEO of StakerDAO:東京テゾス会議/events/270658704/

StakerDAO is trying to learn from Maker and improve on it, e.g. with faster 28 day governance cycles. It’s a complex setup; there’s a five member governance Council and a four member Operations team.

StakerDAO is launching a ‘Blend’ token, “a synthetic token that tracks a governed basket of Proof of Stake tokens”. At the start it’ll be composed of Tezos, Cosmos, and Algorand. Investors won’t have to deal with delegation, rewards, or taxes on rewards. The ERC-20 version has been launched on CoinList. A Tezos version will follow.

PieDAO could consider such a staking pie :pie:
I’m sure it would be much more agile! :man_cook:


I spoke with Jonas about BLND and StakerDAO recently. I think BLND it’s an interesting concept, it is highly centralized tho in the way it’s managed and it’s difficult to understand what happens if validators get slashed for whatever reason.

The composition sounds good, the difficult part about making a Pie like that is that there are currently no representations of some on the tokens on it in the form of ERC-20.

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Yes, until there are synthetic tokens the Pie would have to be managed like an asset-backed ETF. That’d be difficult to automate and require manual overhead.

But once those tokens do exist the Pie would be attractive to non-geeky investors, both for diversifying risk and not having to deal with delegations.


Do you happen to have any idea which Ethereum native staking assets in which the rewards are immediately liquid?

The ones that come to mind for me are:

  • Keep Network (tBTC)
  • LivePeer
  • Aragon Court?

It would be super cool if we could tokenise those staking pools and create a Pie out of them.

Do you mean without a locking period?

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Nice list. Looks like Elrond and NPXS (Pundi X) could be added, maybe others.

Soon Kyber’s Katalyst will release and that could be an option. There are no minimums, lockups, or slashing. But:

  1. The staking reward will be in ETH so as not to increase the max supply of Kyber (could swap it during rebalancing).
  2. The staking won’t be passive. Votes need to be cast in order to receive rewards. Although voting can be delegated to ‘Pool Masters’.