Could the Palestinian Pound be re-introduced in the current DAO revolution?

Dear people, I have an idea to revive the Palestinian pound as a crypto currency

The Palestinian pound was the currency of the British Mandate of Palestine. The Palestinian pound has a very short lifespan. The Palestinian pound was from about 1918 to 1951 the means of payment for, among others, Palestinians within the mandate area.

After 1951 the Palestinian pound was abolished and replaced by the Israeli pound or Lira in 1952.

Independence for population comes first through a financial independence value. Where the population can use it without restriction and hindrance.

The present and future Palestinian state is trying to work towards an independent financial system. All attempts to realize a central financial system had failed. This is due to the fact that many power players within the current outdated central system do not want to see the Palestinian population as independent.

Is there an opportunity to work with others on an idea to start introducing DAO in my own village of Abassan in Gaza as a start ?

I need your knowledge and support to introduce the idea in Abassan. Who knows, maybe with the DAO we can contribute more slowly to the independence of Palestine per village, city and region.

Your ideas are most welcome.

For inspiration I add a few photos of Palestinian Pound that does not exist now.

Thanks for the attention

With kind regards,

W.Y.I. Abueleyqan