Create "Dapps" fund of funds (similar to Defi++)

Daaps to contain all investment theme indices, for example:


Also, modify individual indexes so that there is no overlap between funds in Dapps

BCP could eventually feature an allocation to Daaps instead of Defi++ to be a more fully comprehensive investment

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Cool idea. I like including more things in the BCP, now that there will be a possibility to do so with SCALE, PLAY, and soon INFRA.

Not sure we should put them all in the DEFI++ basket, as they don’t seem to really belong there.

Rather would vote to have a new sub-pie open up, including all these pies, but can’t really think of a cool name for them right now.

I think a pie that includes all the sector based PIEs is a good idea once we ship a few more. Offering a single asset stake on it would also mean we could offer liquidity between our pies which would be great! But I don’t think any real action can be had here until we have shipped SCALE at least.

I am against the modification of indexes to avoid overlap, if funds belong in two different pies then they get to be in both of those PIEs, we shouldn’t try to keep funds sectioned off just to make things look nice. The additional exposure is intentional and expected.

I’m also against modifying BCP in this way, but there is another thread about that already.