Crypto Twitter Pies

GE Name : Crypto Twitter Pies

Hypothesis : “Crypto Twitter” type users have a larger appetite for risk and we would do well to provide products to this user segment.

Description : With this proposal, we can separate PieDAO products into 3 tiers.

1. Diversifying against tokenized assets losing its peg


2. Funds and Vaults


3. Crypto Twitter

YASS and Degen10

The following Pie proposals represent much talked about allocation strategies that have yet to be implemented by any of the top or new portfolio fund organizations. PieDAO can take the first to market lead by launching these vaults.

YASS Pie (aka ASSY) : Yearn, Aave, Synthetix, Sushi

Other variations include dropping Yearn or adding Ether for ASS (we could call it SAS) or EASY

YASS allocation has been embraced by Crypto Twitter key opinion leaders. As amplice pointed out in our Discord “it offers more concentration in what people… [consider] the best in class DeFi assets”. Although YPIE and DEFI+L have exposure to YASS tokens, the concentrated DeFi bet on YASS is an underserved market.

Here are some of the Crypto Twitter chatter around YASS, thanks again to amplice for the resources.



This fund structure has gained traction on our Discord, initially sparked by this Twitter thread. There is some talk of this community launching a token themselves, this demonstrates that a market exists for this.

Rune is now available on Sushi Swap and parachains on Polkadot could be seen Q1 this year. Bridges are another possible way to place Dots in Pies. The latest news I can find on that is this:

Metrics : TVL, # addresses holding LP tokens, news coverage, and social media engagement related to this growth experiment.

Time frame : Depends on dev time to launch new pies. I believe the team could do this in a month but there are other proposals that are slated for work currently, like the Product Improvements Roadmap for Q1.

Definition of Success : 1. TVL of the Crypto Twitter product tier should at least match DEFI+L and YPIE 2. We capture the attention of the audiences of Twitter influencer accounts.

Resources Needed : Developer time, the community to help with allocation percentages. I will explain that in the following post.

GE Confidence Rate : 9, I believe the main risk here is if any of the tokens face a massive failure and normal contract risks.


Following up on missing allocations, (I would just split everything evenly and be done with it) I’d like the community to pick up on how that should be worked out and split any potential proposal reward with participants. This is being left open ended because I’m not the target demographic for either proposed Pie (I’m really happy YPIE and the underlying projects). I’ve written this to help kickstart action on the market opportunities these Pies can capture.

I’m also inspired by this quote:

“More TVL -> more streaming fees -> more revenue generated for the DAO.” - Chris S.

One more quote from Discord, I agree with Silent_JJ that new Pie launches can benefit from a liquidity generation event. we can also create our own synths


I second this proposal. If the core goal right now is high TVL, then we need to give the people what they want. Both these things 1. Don’t exist yet (time is probably running out on this front) and 2. Probably have pent up demand because CT is talking about them. I think putting out these two indexes (particularly YASS/ASSY/ASS) will draw attention and TVL, and raise general awareness of piedao.

Additionally, its probably worth it to mention that given the structure of the old pies (I know the new ones like YPIE are different), they are only as good as the weakest asset inside of them. YASSpie or ASSpie has the advantage of being made up of three or four assets that all have traction, a decent amount of resources, and who’s contracts have been repeatedly “tested” in the market already. There is no rotten apple that can spoil the whole bunch.

I’d also like to point out the fact that the person proposing this has the handle “Rich and Creamy” and his post includes this tweet

I cannot think of a better sign that the stars are aligned for this pie to be a runaway success.


One thing to keep in mind, at least Maker, went on a tear after the tweet. This is the kind of thing an index should catch. Another option would be MASS? :slight_smile:

I support the idea of the first pie though, I would vote for it. It’s also good for PieDAO brand to be able to materialize these concepts quickly, it shows dynamism and might get CT interest in proposing additional pies.


nah, the whole point is that its ASS vs CUM (compound uni maker). Would not say no to a separate CUMpie, but I think the whole point of the discussion on twitter is basically the idea that ASS is made up of three protocols where everything is clicking - product market fit, good tokenomics, good code/execution of ideas, and good incentive alignment across all stakeholders.

Whereas with CUM, each has some flaw that makes it less attractive than it should be. Not sure what that is on Compound (maybe tokenomics?), but with Uni its probably governance stasis and mystery roadmap, and with Maker it’s misaligned incentives between the 3 groups of stakeholders.

essentially, each of CUM has a flaw, whereas ASS is ‘flawless’


There is a scenario where YASS could basically become a component of DEFI+L to further leverage the idea of composable indexes. By doing that we would get 2 things done at the same time:

  • Adding SUSHI to DEFI+L.
  • Giving an option to those who favor a concentrated bet.

Consider the following scenario (working numbers).

YASS with productive tokens, as described in Food for thoughts and most recently during the last community call by @MarcZeller.
It would generate yield via lending/staking and other strategies.


DEGEN10 would present some critical issues as only part of the tokens are available on the Ethereum chain.


Holy hell, YASS inside DEFI+L is going to lead to market both pies really well.

What issues should I try keeping my eyes out for for the assets proposed in DEGEN10? Should we work with only wrapped / bridged assets for example?

7 Day Test!

The dream is dead (on this one)

We still have YASS but it looks like that’s being rolled up into existing pies.

What happened with this, was it a separate Twitter project.

I moved the topic to the #idea section as it’s more fitting instead of a GE.

More info: How To Prioritise PIPs & Guidelines For Good Interactions in the Forum


Would $ARSE be an option?

$stETH (staked ETH)

optional to become $ARSES with the addition of $SUSHI
Some modelling was previously run around these ideas.

option of equi-allocation

21 days performance

option of 30% capped MCap allocation

$ARSE (1)
21 days performance

option of equi-allocation (given limited current cap of stETH, which would end up affecting its allocation)

21 days performance

full spreadsheet here

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