DAO platform selection

Hi all,

Utrecht University and the University of Amsterdam are researching the process of Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) platform, such as Aragon and DAOStack, selection for Software Producing Organizations.

Recently, we designed and implemented a Decision Support System for technology selection, such as DBMS and Blockchain Platform Selection, that supports software architectures, developers, and other decision-makers at software-producing organizations in the initial phase of software development.

The research is part of the SecureSECO project (https://secureseco.org/). I am one of the researchers on the project and work in close cooperation with dr. Slinger Jansen from Utrecht University (UU).

As you have used a DAO platform to build your own DAO, we would like to ask you kindly to participate in the research and be one of our case studies. We will evaluate your selection and suggest potential alternative DAO platforms for your future usage that best fits your requirements.

If you are interested in our research, please contact Siamak Farshidi (s.farshidi@uu.nl).

For more information, please visit our websites:

Dr. Siamak Farshidi
Elena Baninemeh
Dr. Slinger Jansen


Awesome! Always happy to help the (Dutch) educational system out.

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Dear mickdegraaf,

thanks for your reply.

As I said earlier, we are trying to build a decision model for the DAO platform selection.
We conducted a set of expert interviews to find the right set of features that DAO platforms, such as Aragon and DAOStack, may support. Up to now, we have considered 108 features and 26 platforms in the decision model. You can access them from here.

To evaluate the correctness of the decision model to support enterprises and individuals with the DAO selection process, we plan to conduct a set of case studies in the context of enterprises and organizations that use such DAO platforms.

Please note that the results of the analysis will be sent to you to see your requirements, priorities, and potential solutions.

If you are still interested in participating in the research, please let me know.


Research fellow
Utrecht University