Dark mode please

Just a helpful suggestion for the site. I know there are many ways to view a site in dark mode, but it would be quite useful to have an easily accessible toggle on/off for dark mode (or even default dark mode) to help save our eyes and battery power. Thank you : )


Yes please bring on a dark mode toggle!


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I’m curious, how does something like this go from a discussion forum to being implemented? Is it something the core dev team will eventually pick up and update or can someone from the community volunteer to make the UI changes necessary?

I guess it’s up to the member dealing with the website to do it or not if he/she has time . I guess @Nico is doing it.

Then, if it’s something to complicated or asking a lot of resources, the community could make a vote to “force” and push it.

But i’m not sure it’s very relevant here :rofl: and our website master will be able to do it :blush:

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