Derivatives pie vault

Derivatives make up 1 quadrillion dollar market in the traditional finance sector. This is a seemingly new space for for crypto and defi and seems like it is already gaining some major traction in locked up value and volume.

There are a lot of projects and its hard to be invested in them all. I would really like a pie vault I could cover the spread with and think there are some great opportunities for staking and gaining rewards while in the vault.

Perhaps we can share the projects you would like to see here and what the staking options are and we can explore what a Derivatives pie vault would look like.

projects to start a discussion
Hegic, Perp, UMA, SNX, Opyn.

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mmass99 suggested

hegic generates BTC/ETh by staking. then you can LP ETH/BTC & generates rhegic V2 which is vested for hegic 1:1 (recently, they hedge your LP position as well)


Thanks, so I know a lil bit about hegic in case you want create a strategy for it:

1- you can stake hegic on (perfromance fees 5%) no other fees, it yeilds currently 20% in WBTC & WETH
2- you can either use those to add to WBTC/ETH position, or buy more hegic & stake, or provide liquidity to hegic
3- LP earn rhegic V2, which is unlocked for swap for hegic at 1:1 ration at certain milestones
4- currently, a new protocol is built on top of hegic to hedge LPs because of loss when options are exercised at a profit
I think a mixture of these a strategy is the best approach

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One project to add might be CORE. It’s not out yet but I know they’re working on a derivatives platform so it could be worth looking into when it does.

BarnBridge ($BOND) should definitely be on this list, as the first protocol to use risk tranches, and with over $500M TVL.

They will be launching their governance staking momentarily, so a great way to generate yield and participate in Metagovernance :star_struck:


How about DEX and Derivatives.

Have a primary allocation for DEX 60% / 70%
and derivatives 30% / 40%

Hegic, Perp, UMA, SNX, Opyn, CORE, OptionsRoom, Injective , Serum


Hey @Lucidqdreams, thanks for bringing this up. I moved the topic to the #idea section while waiting for the appropriate model to be provided.

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Demex is a 2nd-generation derivatives DEX designed for trading sophisticated financial instruments and derivatives across multiple blockchains. The exchange integrates pooled liquidity with traditional order books, allowing anyone to be a market maker by contributing liquidity and earning from trading fees. Demex is powered by the layer-2 decentralized protocol, Switcheo TradeHub, an open-source dPOS order matching engine that can handle bursts of up to 10,000 transactions per second (TPS). Development of Demex is led by the community where stakeholders are able to list new markets, make changes to market parameters and drive the overall growth of the platform.




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$SNX, $UMA, $ROOM, $INJ also get my vote