Difference between farms/stake page

Hey guys,

On the https://www.piedao.org/#/farms page I see some pools.
And on the https://www.piedao.org/#/stake page I see the same pools.

Yet on the first one I’m not seeing my staked tokens and on the 2nd one I am.

What’s the difference between the 2? Both are referencing the same balancer pools so I don’t get it.
Mistake in the website?

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I’m also interested in this. I staked BCP earlier this month but it shows my BCP is staked in the old farms instead of the new pools. Even the URLs are different.

My BCP is staked: https://www.piedao.org/#/stake
Instead of being staked at: https://www.piedao.org/#/staking/bcp

Hi @nemer! PieDAO’s previous incentives were replaced by DOUGHpamine rewards program.

You’ll notice the Stake page shows all pools as deprecated. This means they are not being rewarded with DOUGH. They are left available for users to interact with such that they can remove their stake and re-stake in the new farm.

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So I need to pay to remove and pay again to re-stake?
That’ll cost me a lot of money…

Yes, you will need to re-stake to continue earning rewards. Totally understand your frustration—Gas sure has been pricey lately :sweat:

Going forward, this isn’t a typical exercise. DOUGHpamine is designed to run over years, and the program launch was an opportunity to optimize the contracts manual interactions and cost to the treasury.

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Hi @selliry,

Seems I am experiencing a technical issue claiming / un-staking an old BCP pie that was staked months ago. I have read the aforementioned posts above and have found the page which displays the amount of BCP staked and the amount of DOUGH escrowed.

That being said, when I click the ‘Unstake’ or ‘Claim’ buttons it does not appear to be doing anything. It does not bring up a contract approval on Metamask or anything.

Any help would greatly be appreciated.

Hey @Spinitsir feel free to reach out in dm shall you need any support