[Discussion] Longer Snapshot Voting Period

Hi all,

I wanted to raise this topic last week already, but I ran out of time, so it got delayed until now. I basically would like to raise the question if we should increase the voting time on our Snapshot proposals, and how the rest of the community felt about this.

I’ve missed a few votes in the last couple of weeks due to increased workloads, and it kind of made me look at the total time these votes are up, and I feel they’re not up long enough, unless you check in daily, which I’m sure is not possible for every DOUGH holder.

My proposal would be to increase the Snapshot voting time to at least 3 days, preferrably 5 days or even longer for votes that carry a bigger impact on the protocol, to give enough time to consider the vote, and to allow for real life to happen too :grin:

Alternatively, we could also start queueing up Snapshot Votes before they turn active one or two days in advance, to give some preparation time on when exactly voting needs to happen, so it can be written in the calendar or otherwise noted down.

I often feel they just “pop up” on the Snapshot Page when you least expect them, and as we grow bigger, we should consider that we’re attracting people with all kinds of different life situations, and they should all have an equal chance to participate, even if they don’t check Discord or the Forum daily.

Should there be an increase in voting time on Snapshot?
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I agree. We can make the default duration and consider a vote finalized if a majority of eligible DOUGH voted and the result can no longer change by new votes coming in.

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I think this is a great idea. If Snapshot allows for categorization, I think having different voting periods for different categories would be useful. For example, major proposals can have a longer voting period to capture more votes while minor proposals can have a shorter voting period to not slow things down.

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I think it’s odd to be promoting passive management of the community and then not have long voting periods. People could easily go offline for a week. No reason to not be inclusive. The space moves fast, but we are faster.


I agree, it probably depends on the nature of the vote but a 5-7 days minimum seems pretty reasonable to me. I do not know if it’s possible to enforce that on Snapshot however.

We should tell them to add one haha

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I think you can set start and end times for votes on Snapshot, making it possible to force certain periods.

All we would need to come up with is to define on an overall time, or have flexible times depending on the kind of vote.

Since the vote here was in favor, perhaps we could move it to an actual Snapshot vote, and see how the community felt around a minimum time. After we definited this (the vote could be 3 / 5 / 7 days), we could further diversify out into setting times for certain proposals, but let’s not overcomplicate it at first imho :grin: