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Hi friends,

Since we briefly discussed this in another thread, I wanted to gather some more sentiment and feedback around a CONNECT pie that contains all the important middleware/support protocols of the DeFi ecosystem.

Namely, I was thinking of the big players in the room, but also wanted to see if you knew any other projects around this pie that could fit.

Here are the ones I could find so far that I would personally love to see in a pie like this:

Chainlink ($LINK) - The big daddy of decentralized oracle provisioning
Band Protocol ($BAND) - The smaller brother of Chainlink
The Graph ($GRT) - Decentralized indexing protocol, perhaps the next “Google” of blockchain data.
Furucombo ($COMBO) - Drag&Drop “build-yourself-a-transaction” dApp (bit of a stretch ;))
API3 ($API3) - Decentralized APIs for Web 3.0
KeeperDAO ($ROOK) - Liquidity backstop / MEV coordination / Hiding Game
ArcherDAO ($ARCH) - MEV coordination games
1inch ($1INCH) - DEX Aggregator protocol
0x protocol ($ZRX) - DEX liquidity/aggregator protocol

This pie would also make a solid sub-slice in our DeFi++ allocation, as a lot of protocols will require such services in the next couple of years, and fit the overall sentiment of a DeFi meta-pie like this.

There are also other projects like Pocket Network, but there is currently no way to get their tokens as a wrapped version for Ethereum. Maybe this will change sometime soon, though.

Very much looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this, and have a great start into the week!


Idk if this would fit the category, but KeeperDAO and ArcherDAO provide interesting MEV coordination which I’d consider a form of middleware or support, that personally seems like a very promising sector.

Really dig the direction of this Pie.


Love the idea and I echo @BlockEnthusiast in that I think there may be a few more that could be considered for this pie.


I like the idea. In both bear and bull markets middleware should perform.

Possibly we can add 1inch? 1inch is arguably the biggest DeFi middleware out there.

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Hi guys,

Thanks for all the great suggestions, and I definitely think we can stretch this out to include these protocols as well, as they would fall under the support side, and are important in their own regard for a healthy ecosystem.

I’ve therefore modified the initial post a little bit to accomodate these additonal protocols, and let’s see if we can get some more ideas going here :grin:

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Hey @Shubiwubi, thanks for bringing this up. I moved the topic to the #idea section while waiting for the appropriate model to be provided.

More info: How To Prioritise PIPs & Guidelines For Good Interactions in the Forum

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Hey! check out this poll to help us prioritise the many Ideas for Pies received

I really like this pie. It’s like a long term infrastructure play. :+1:


I really like the idea! But…

  1. I think $TKN hasn’t seen much movement past year. I’d rather switch it to $PLU or $SXP.
  2. Also, there are too many DEX here. I’d eliminate either $KNC or $ZRX
  3. Anyone else would vote for $AKT and / or $POND?

Hey dan, thanks for the great input!

Kind of starting to think that maybe that those kind of supportive tokens should be in their own $CARD pie in the future? There is actually quite a few of them, if we also wanted to include the more centralized ones like Crypto.com? With Gemini and Coinbase rolling out their own cards as well soon, this could be quite a nice play for the future, and could perhaps one day become a sub-pie inside this one, once the time is ripe for it.

On the second point, I do agree and you have a point. In that case, I’d probably want to stick with $ZRX due to the long and positive track record, and better ways to implement into PieVaults for lending. What do you think?

I don’t know about the two protocols you mentioned, but Marlin seems to be a better fit for this particular pie if we wanted to include it? I also kind of liked what @alexintosh said in the $PLAY pie to maybe have certain restrictions on minimum amount of time live etc…some input and guidelines here would help a lot I feel.

I think we got a good broad selection of candidates now. I haven’t done any number crunching before, or dove deep in sound Pie design. Is there anyone in the community that could help with the development and design of the pie allocation, and maybe give a few pointers on how to evaluate security of underlying tokens etc…?

Would really appreciate the help, as this pie seems to have gathered quite a bit of interest, I would love to see it done right and proper :grin:

Don’t get me wrong, I’m ok with a card token in this Middleware Pie. I was just thinking that $TKN hasn’t grown that much in value so another coin in the same category would be better (higher rewards for the holders).

If $ZRX gives more flexibility, I’m game for it. I think I’ve used matcha more often than Kyber, so that is another plus.

Agree, next steps is the number crunching part.

@gabo since the GitPie idea didn’t take off, should we still go by the previous allocation proposed by you and @jnova or should we brainstorm a bit more around the basket?

Could definitely jump into a quick call as well sometimes over the weekend to ponder a bit more and bring this forward, as quite a few people seemed very interested in this :))

Have a great rest of the day guys!

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wPOCKT (Pocket Network) is coming to Ethereum https://medium.com/pocket-network/wpokt-launch-subsidized-infrastructure-through-regen-finance-be1ba84248e5

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Linking back to the this thread: INFRA Index Creation


I completely agree.