[discussion] Proposal to create a Community Contribution Initiative

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Title: Community Contribution Initiative
Status: Discussion
Author(s): @itsbdell
Created: Aug 10, 2021

This is a great comment from @Guzman_MassAdoption’s recent Meta-Governance Committee proposal:

PieDAO remains one of the most underrated communities and asset management protocols in the space - albeit it being one of the largest. As mentioned in @gabriele’s Inside the Bakery: How We Build Pies publication, PieDAO “employs an open and responsive process for the modeling of its different Pies through discourse.” and rightly so. It is imperative that PieDAO (the protocol) and PieDAO (the community) generate an effective synergy to not only maximize feedback but to welcome & challenge innovative ideas that will propel PieDAO to reach critical mass.

I’ve been a part of PieDAO since the early days. It’s an amazing group, and still one of the most authentic, exciting projects and communities I’m in. But I think we’re leaving a great deal of potential momentum and energy on the table when it comes to the DAO.

The last couple of weeks I’ve been chatting with some folks and observing and I wanted to feedback some of what I’ve seen and heard.

What I’ve seen and heard:

  • This community has largely developed organically, and grown via word-of-mouth and shared interests and values
  • Across all of our core areas - from product to marketing to biz dev and new offering development - there are opportunities to add value and pick off some low hanging fruit that will advance the DAO and our users
  • As our roadmap and ambitions increase, we’ll need more capacity to drive development, strategy, and growth of the DAO
  • Every week, new and existing members raise their hands to help out or contribute in some way, sometimes directly with a specific offer, sometimes indirectly by asking how they can help
  • There is no clear way to contribute and help out for members interested in doing so

All in all, we have a need for more contribution, and a community asking to contribute more.

How do we make it easier for people to propose, find, commit to, and execute work for the DAO?

I’d like to propose the creation of two Community lead roles, supported and with direction by @jnova and myself, focused on managing the ongoing engagement of the community, and working with the core team to build the infrastructure, processes, and cadence to consistently align would-be-contributors from the community with key strategic projects, priorities and needs.

In short, make it easier for the right community member to propose/identify and execute the right contribution.

I propose the funding of a 4 month probationary period focused on the following:

Key Problems

  • Project/Task identification (what should the community work on?)
  • Incentive system and tooling (how should it be incentivized?)
  • Accountability and management (how do we drive completion and quality?)
  • Strategic alignment (how do community contributions connect to the core product and DAO roadmap?)

Potential Solutions

  • A place where valuable projects are scoped well and collected (backlog)
  • A standardized process to source new project proposals from the core team and the community
  • A system for incentivizing and rewarding community contributions
  • Help relevant community members discover, commit, and complete backlog projects


  • 2 x half-time Community Leads across different key timezones
  • Supported by core team


Resource Total Cost (4 mth) Funding Method
Community leads (2) 24000 $DOUGH + Dollar component to be discussed Monthly: 3000 $DOUGH each per month. TBD dollar amount a month per CL
Tooling / Software As needed Ad hoc
Contributor Incentives As needed ($DOUGH) Ad hoc


  • Increase the conversion of community members to contributors, as measured by…
    • Primary KR: # of contributor-executed projects
    • Secondary KRs:
      • Number of Backlog projects/proposals/bounties listed
      • Number of member interests/skills submitted

Deliverables (potential, amendable)

  • Contributor system:
    • Standardized proposal system
    • Backlog of DAO needs and potential contribution areas
    • Community member skills/capabilities intake system
  • Bi-weekly opportunity update
  • Community onboarding flow towards contribution
  • Prioritized integrated strategic roadmap
  • Standardized templates for core outputs:
    • Proposals
    • Scope / Scoping questions


  • Consistent communication: The group will update the DAO weekly on progress and asks
  • Transparent work process: The group will run the work on open channels, with open participation

I look forward to hearing feedback and answering any questions.



Hey. Welcome here.

This sounds a bit weird to me.
First, we already have a comm mod. She is doing a very nice job. Did she leave ??
Second: This is your first post here. So hard to judge your involvement and give you this kind of role.

There is already a lot of things the community can do. We have GE for instance. Also we had a small budget to reward community members a few months ago. Is it still going (@gabo?)

If the team feels the need for some help, they will probably post some bounties or ask for help. If community members want to help, the core team is not here to tell them what to do. It’s how a DAO should work. There is no boss. People do what they want if they think it’s beneficial for the project. And then if the community think the job they did is valuable, they can receive some rewards.

When i see people coming and asking: What can I do ? (with the idea to get paid for this). … I’m not sure if they understand what is a DAO.

And TBH, PieDAO is one of the rare DAO still open for the community. So it’s important to keep that.

On a more financial side. I don’t know what is the state of the treasury right now.

But asking for 2 x 3k $ each month is a lot ! Especially to start with. I know some comm mod receiving much less and working 18h/day.

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Think the proposal states 3k $DOUGH, not $…

ha yes, sorry. It’s because for me DOUGH is still worth 1$ + ^^ but not since few weeks, it’s true.

But I still think it’s a lot. If you take the average price of DOUGHT since the beginning. And also when a position like this is starting during a dump it’s always easier to ask a big amount of token. Would prefer to speak in terms of $, especially now, as the value for this amount of token will more than probably easily x2 or x3 in few months.

Asking for an amount of “homemade” token should be done when price is stable, or after you are working since few months. Not during a dump ^^

And even more if there is 2 people taking the role + one official comm mod in the core team.

Even more when you need to add rewards for community. And should we stop GE ? How much did we spent on that ?

Personally, i prefer the GE system. It’s up to members to organize things. Not sure if there is space for 3 comm mod at the moment …

The most successful and active DAOs I’ve seen have experimented with systems to coordinate contributions from many community members at once, often a mix of committees, bounties, and requests.

PieDAO has started to dabble with those things, like GE and the treasury farming committee, but IMO to see better results, we need to design a more continuous & scalable way to gather ideas, find community members to work on them, and help them deliver well alongside the core team’s work.

That’s what this proposal is for - 4 months to activate many more community contributions. Extremely worthwhile if you ask me.

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I know that thank you :blush:

But i don’t see the need of having more comm mod. Especially 2, with one only active on the forum since 1day and with this salary.

I agree that we should organize things to make the DAO more active as it was before. But it’s also because there is no new product currently. If members want to do something, they can do it , doors are opened . And those 6k DOUGH/ month would be better spent to reward the community and organize events.

Also, if you think the community is not managed properly, it’s something that could be mentioned to our comm manager in order to find a solution.

Would be also good if you can both provide what you already did for PieDAO as members are why you think 3k DOUGH/ month for a part-time role is the right amount . I would personally be curious to know that.

Hey @Cryptouf - thanks for the comments. I feel like they’re a bit spread out now, so maybe worth me restating the intent of the proposal and going from there (I may not have done a good job clearly articulating some things).

  • I spoke with the team and others about what I saw as an opportunity to add more structure to an aspect of the community in order to enable greater contribution and completion of projects.

  • They encouraged me (@gabo and @Nico in particular) to write up a proposal on how we might do a limited experiment to build a system that enables more consistent community contributions.

  • This proposal attempts to build on past efforts to to more consistently gain contributions from the community, through clear strategy, process, and management. That takes labor.

  • While the role described is called “Community lead,” I do not intend it as a community moderator. Perhaps “Contribution Lead” would be a better title? (I do not believe we currently have an active community moderator role).

  • My personal goal is to help PieDAO gain momentum so more ideas can happen, and more people can contribute.

  • This proposal does not ask that we assign these roles to myself or @jnova. We have been engaged with the core team to think through the strategy and process, and if it passes, we propose community members to manage contributions going forward (I think someone like @BVB or @Cass may be great for it).

Ultimately, I think we’re in agreement that community contribution is very important for the progress of the DAO. Every function we have (marketing, product, biz dev, growth, etc.) would benefit from more participation, and right now we’re not actively building ways to make that happen.

GE is one way we should be proud of and lean into. It’d be great to see how many completed projects have come from that process and measure the value a bit.

Goal here is to more actively invest in contribution from the community, because it is important. This proposal has a clear measurable impact (contributor projects completed), and limited duration and resource.

Re: me - I’ve been working with the core team since late 2019. They can vouch for that (though, for various reasons, haven’t done much in the forums).


Updated proposal title to “Community Contribution Initiative.”

I’m onboard with this one.

The DAO should govern itself, not going to argue that, but is it matured enough to do so?

This committee plays well with an idea of having satellite committee’s driving the different workstreams of the DAO. They need a little kick, some direction, before being 100% community driven and follow their organic evolution.


Absolutely, and I’d say this doesn’t attempt to govern the DAO so much as it attempts to put processes and systems in place for it to more effectively manage opportunities for and from the community.

It’s almost more of a Snapshot for contribution opportunities. Clearer way to propose, incentivize, commit and execute.

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Speaking about myself, some ideas I had I need treasury to make it happen. Not for me to get paid (wouldn’t complain if I did), but mainly because they were projects that required funding. I proposed my ideas and heard (almost) nothing back from core team.

Is there a comm mod? Who? What are the responsibilities of this person? Yall need to revise this if the person is paid because I have heard no communication (ie newsletter), no guidance or feedback on proposals I’ve made, no bounties being opened…

I did see many people on Discord interested in helping but,… crickets… In my opinion, bear market, bull market, new products or old, use the community who is willing to help to actually help, in an organized fashion. Whatever the market is, there is volume and interest on DEFI index products.

If I check on Coingecko as of this moment, there is a ? on 24 trading volume for 4 tokens PieDAO has. That screams that we need to do something.

With that said, shall we reward financially someone now for this project? I’m not sure… Maybe have some small scale tests (bounties). But, we DO need someone and if that takes money, than PieDAO needs to pay it.



One of the recurring issues seems to be whether or not we should be creating paid roles to drive this.

I think your point here is spot on:

If we consider community contribution (and the systems that enable it) core to the ongoing growth and progress of the DAO, we should put that work in a context that allows us to hold people accountable for it, and gets people committed to progressing that goal.

This proposal has funding for the two part-time community roles attached to it, but not a large amount. It is designed to limit an open checkbook scenario by:

  • Gating the roles to a 4 month probationary period
  • Setting clear metrics that will enable a value assessment during that time period
  • Setting open communication standards for visibility and transparency

Adding @Cass comment from Discord, and @saganaki’s reading recs for discussion.

@Cass Def in favor of paid roles for this. I have been not plugged in lately but I think what we’ve been doing with working groups/subcommittees/whatever you want to call it is a great direction - if a broad set of working groups focusing on different areas were established as part of this I am optimistic that that would provide enough structure for future contributors to find a way to join in.

Saganaki comments


This article is relevant to this discussion: DOUGH Staking & Governance Mining


I’m all for this. Decentralization does not mean we have to settle for incoordination. We have talented members within our ranks. But their talents need to be organized and consistent to achieve the greatest impact. This is where “contribution leads/facilitators” can step in. The core team is busy on the development side and that’s okay. They don’t have the time to source projects and chase them to completion. The community is eager to help, but with what? This is the gap I envision is addressed by this proposal.

We’ll never get anywhere if we continue with “business as usual”. Let’s try something new.


Snapshot vote is now open: https://snapshot.org/#/piedao/proposal/QmSbx636cXdGYYKXLnHHb3TGdgUJMt3Nd6TXVMDpTaXxEW


100% agreed. I very much support this initiative aimed at structuring both the appropriate degree of coordination among the many community members willing to support the DAO, while also ensuring a better alignment of such contributions towards the strategic development of PieDAO.


The snapshot just closed, signalling a strong support for this initiative. Looking forward to seeing this taking shape!