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What about


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MPIE, M stand for Musk Or Mars :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

A synthetic Pie would me very nice. mTesla, mApple…

Otherwise, not sure i want DOGE in my pie.Would be good for the MEME, but tokens need to behave "properly " to be included into a Pie.

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On all fronts I feel like this would be a great marketing tool. I am in agreement with @Cryptouf but would still be open to having DOGE in the pie. Is there anything stopping SNX from introducing sTSLA and others (or is it just a lack of Chainlink oracle supporting the price feed)? I have not looked very far into mirror but I thought I read some feedback at launch highlighting it being quite centralized.

the MEME is the point. It’s another chance of onboarding the WSB crowd into crypto. This would require a whole new landing page (with ELI5 wallet walkthroughs) and a fiat-eth widget IMO

Yep fair enough.

Personally, but it’s just my POV, i would be cautious with the type of Pie and approach. I guess a synthetic Pie with Teslta, apple ,Amazon… coul be very interesting. SO it could be more than a MEME pie

I think, 1 thing that makes PieDAO "better " or at least stronger for me (compare to other index) , is that we only create nice products, and we don’t need to shill on Twitter or use Influencers to make things happen. So maybe we don’t have the biggest TVL, but at least the project is strong with a good community.

So a MEME pie could be nice, but we probably don’t want to only do that and focus our energy on this kind of product. And really think about the advantages over the inconvenients of this king of MEME / funny Pie

PS: WSB will be forgiven in a few weeks. :rofl:

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A 3% or less allocation for wrapped Doge could be a nice compromise. I think the majority of people still don’t know that Doge has been bridged to Eth so having it in a Pie would signal PieDAO is ahead in terms of resarching and deploying new tech.

Many of us don’t want to hold Doge but a small amount of exposure for the marketing potential should be worth it.


6.9% is my last offer on this one maybe 4.20% works too

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In favor of the 4.20% DOGE allocation. Also, p.network has recently released their own pDOGE bridge, as an alternative to renDOGE.

Either way, seems like a fun pie overall, though I will say that I too have heard concerns about Mirror Protocol and their mAssets being quite centralized, perhaps due to the Terra blockchain being dPoS.

.69 pDOGE
.420 renDOGE

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well we use wBTC too. I can see concerns about centralization, but we have to work with what we got :slight_smile:

personally I’m more a fan of pTokens, so in favor of changing renDOGE with pDOGE at 4.20%

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Updates after discussions:

mTSLA 31,933333333%
WBTC 31,933333333
p/renDOGE 4.20%
aETH 31,933333333%

Potential names:


SUCH pie
MUCH pie

From Doge-speak, like “Such meme. Much store of value. Wow.”

Love these ones, especially SUCH. Definitely catchy and instantly recognizable as a more fun pie, compared to our serious deployments.


For allocation, perhaps replace wBTC/aETH with 66.6% BCP, to include broad DeFi exposure? Great learning opportunity for the newbie herd, to find their pie can be composed of other pies.

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cool idea, the trojan horse variant

Hey @btsfav, thanks for bringing this up. I moved the topic to the #idea section while waiting for the appropriate model to be provided.

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Would a variation like this work

The Mirrored stocks from Mirror Protocol are on PancakeSwap and can be farmed in the following pairings and receive LUNA rewards.

mTSLA / UST. Liq 1,873,950 APY 218%
mNFLX / UST. Liq 1,876,002 APY 217%
mGOOGL / UST Liq 2,008,519 APY 203%
mAMZN / UST Liq 2,140,830 APY 191%

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