Energy & Renewables Pie

New user of Pie here, but already love the concept. I think the ability to create an index for certain spaces within crypto is a great way to drive mass user adoption. I’ve also been a long time fan of Aragon, and DAO’s, so it’s amazing to see PIE leveraging the tools of a platform I believe in.

With that being said, I was curious if anyone has pulled together a PIE proposal around the applications of blockchain within the energy industry, and more specifically the renewables space. There are a lot of projects currently working towards leveraging blockchain as a fundamental technology within the energy sector to facilitate microgrids and other 21st century power grid concepts. With governments beginning to set new regulations and directives for their grids (FERC 222 and CEP) in an attempt to identify ways in which the market can improve efficiencies due to the adoption of distributed energy resources (solar panels, wind farms, etc.), blockchain projects could play a pivotal role in the industry moving forward.

Some of the projects that are top of mind for such an index would be the following:
Energy Web Token - an opensource blockchain that has partnered with various companies along the energy supply chain (upstream, midstream, and downstream) to build out a new energy network.
Power Ledger - a project that uses their token as a licensing mechanism to access a private consortium blockchain that is then implemented for P2P energy trading within a localized market.
Efforce - a project geared towards facilitating the required investment in renewable energy infrastructure. Their token WOZX allows holders to pool together to purchase energy infrastructure hardware and securitize it. This leads to holders/investors making small returns on successful energy investment projects.
WePower - a similar project to Power Ledger that enables corporate energy buyers to purchase power from local energy retailers.

Again, I truly believe that there will be large winners within this space and these are just a few that come to mind as a foundational basket for an energy index.

I would love to work with others that may be interested in developing such a PIE or garner any feedback around the concept.


Like this idea a lot!