[Epoch-14] MerkleTree Notarization


To enable the distribution of SLICE, a MerkleTree has been generated using the pie-reporter, you can find the report for Epoch-14 (Nov 2022) and the Tree generated below.

Epoch timestamp (start | end): from 1667246400 to 1669838399

Note: Withdrawals will be disabled during the transition between Epochs.

How to Notarize

The process has been outlined in this guide → How to Notarize


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Is anyone else getting an error when attempting to navigate to the Merkle Tree?

Are you sure you’re using the right address? Here’s the link again, pls do try once more

Yeah, I tried that link as well. And also tried multiple browsers. Odd that it’s working for others.

Maybe you can try from Github: pie-reporter/merkle-tree.json at epoch/2022-11 · pie-dao/pie-reporter · GitHub

It’s the same merkle tree, but in the PieReporter at Github instead of IPFS