[Epoch-3] MerkleTree Notarization


In order to enable the distribution of SLICE, a MerkleTree has been generated using the pie-reporter, you can find the report for Epoch-3 (December 2021) and the Tree generated below.

Note: Withdrawals will be disabled during the transition between Epochs.




Origina message: Discord

Fulltimers We noticed something off in the total address eligible for rewards this month.
The good news is that we maintain 2 different independent implementations of the scripts determining participation (one python, one js) which helped figuring out the discrepancy, both clients are now reporting the same numbers :yay:

No funds were incorrectly distributed :check:

For people wanting to dive deeper, the bug was in the python script and fixed here https://github.com/pie-dao/pie-reporter/commit/89f163c5880e18e711cb82180ec2545e81c3eb70#diff-48005f315a78cf1133d654979dbdc40c468843a230b1b8ec7182c0f0842949d3

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Reissuance of the Notarization Vote

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