Flashstake Partnership

Relaying the proposal here to the forum from Discord.

" Hey guys, I’m doing partnership outreach at flash (flashstake.io). We are looking to partner with just three exclusive projects. Flash allows users to flashstake (stake to earn instant, upfront rewards in the token of their choice.) Eg. Stake 1000 flash for 100 days and earn 10 link instantly upfront. (made up numbers). We want to partner with 3, quality projects to make your own exclusive portal for you where users can stake flash to earn piedao. Then there would be cross marketing potential with blockzerolab’s large community (which made FLASH).

Piedao would earn the yield and the staker gets piedao without ceding any tokens, as their flash is locked up, not traded

More info on this video (which was made really for flash community but covers alot of the detail) https://youtu.be/DIc6xcfxP8w "


I had looked more into it. Its definitely a mechanism I haven’t seen before.

It seems like you stake FLASH get rewarded 1 of 3 tokens depending on preference. It was mentioned the DAO earns yield. Seems the yield is from FLASH issuance repaying the debt over time to the DAO.

So the question becomes what’s backing the value of FLASH since I’d imagine if DAOs are using this for fundraising, they will dump their flash earned for spends, which then gets hopefully bought by users who want to earn project tokens through future staking. But it does set up the three DAOs to compete at dumping to some extent.

Normally staking the DAO’s own assets result in farming which is the DAO giving away its token, but this staking is productive for the DAO since it builds liquidity of its products. The DAO is giving away its token for the service of building liquidity.

With Flash the DAO is giving away its its token for an uncertain value of FLASH over time to Users who have no need to hold or provide services to the DAO.

On one hand, this means less loss to the DAO from a liquidity mining service. On the other, its not really a productive giveaway in terms of creating direct benefits for the DAO. Though it does form some form of Marketing service.

Maybe those new DOUGH holders will stake DOUGH? But what if they just insta sell?

So lets look at it from a marketing perspective. Other marketing drives may pay out DOUGH with less recouped cost. However these other marketing drives will likely include information, and educational material about PieDAO services.

Our growth plan includes metrics on performance. Are we able to apply metrics to this?

Is this form of marketing productive?

For reference uniswap market
atm ~$50k liquidity on market. ~$50k volume last 24 hours.

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Ah, didn’t see it that way. I was thinking it was more like a loan to yourself. To copy the example given, let’s say I needed to convert $25 of Dough to Eth to pay for something because I don’t have the other assets or fiat to do so. I can flash stake $100 Dough to get $25 Dough. Then in the future I’ll get the $100 worth of Dough unlocked so I have the same amount of tokens at the end of the transaction.

This could be a good tool for current Dough holders that need some liquidity and are willing to trade time for it instead of tokens.

Flash’s value is that you need it to burn as fuel for the contract to stake.

I’ll ping Flashstake on Discord for more clarification.

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Hey. Remember that in order for those startups/projects to have received flash, a staker has to have locked up (staked) significantly more flash than the yield, so while supply will increase over time, in the short term more is locked up out of “circulation.”

There’s a short explainer at 7 mins 30 of the YouTube video in the original post


The staker would be staking with flash. They’d lock up flash for X amount of time and instantly receive y amount of PieDAO. When their stake period ends they get their flash back.

PieDAO receives yield in the form of flash whenever a stake is made. Can organise a telegram chat group or call with us if you guys want more info. Dave


Ah, ok so DAO also earns FLASH instantly at time of stake. How is the amount calculated?

How is DOUGH eligible for claim from locking Flash calculated?

I’d be interested in hoping on a call/chat about it @FlashDave

For further reference:

Hey, thanks for the interest. Can I check what is your position at pieDAO? Feel free to ping me on telegram if you have that app @davidGfK and I can you in a chat or call with our team