Forum Proposals Live Call

Dear fam,

Want to gauge the willing to setup a fixed weekly cadence to have an open and live discussion over:

  1. Open proposals on the forum
  2. To leverage the understanding of the proposal submission and lifecycle
  3. Guidance for new proposers to gain exposure on their ideas

The idea would be to build a framework that addresses the points below. Please express your sentiment if you would like to see this happening or not on the Poll at the bottom of this post.

To discuss the most popular proposal from members on the call and identify actionable next steps. The proposal needs to be in the PieDAO forum.

Open meeting for members willing to participate and talk, otherwise will end meeting after 10min of inactivity
We need a moderator, should be done on Discord.


  • Introduction
  • Ask participants to give top 3 proposals they want to discuss, and why? (20 seconds per person)
  • Tally the answers and announce meeting topics
  • Proposals discussion
  • Recap next steps
  • Close
  • Share notes
Interested to have live discussion over proposals on a weekly basis?
  • Yes
  • No

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Weekly feels very frequent. It would be great to have a venue to discuss the proposal in-depth but the format could be different.

Asking the participants to the meeting what proposals they want to talk about might be tricky since the stakeholders involved might simply not be in the call and the quality of discussion would be low.

In general, I imagine it could work in the opposite way, instead of asking people what they want to discuss, the proponent would need to reserve a slot in the recurring meeting with the moderator about his idea, give a presentation, highlight progress if any, what next steps look like, and space for that to be challenged.


perhaps start monthly in anti rotation to community calls, so every two weeks there is a call.
Then provide a space after the community call, maybe at a fixed time shortly after, that can be used as overflow.

Create process for requesting to present. And we fill the time we need, and can add more as needed.


Great, thanks for the feedback. So far, if we’re going to do this would be:

  1. Fortnightly. Space open as a stand-in meeting and also as part of the community call agenda.
  2. Proposal Speaker/Presenter would need to request the time to talk about the subject (setup an intake process)
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Totally, weekly is quite frequent. I like the idea of monthly calls tho.

Definitely these calls have to be on request as suggested by Alexintosh. The proponents have a deadline to submit their proposal that they would like to discuss (if there are many proposal a mechanism should be implemented to cap the number of proposals per call). The selected proposals should be added in the agenda at least one day in advance so participants can read an extract and can actively participate/question/suggest the proponents during the call.

Hi everyone. I want to wrap this up given the vote resulted on a positive outcome, and it’s worth to try. Below is the framework I propose to run these meeetings. I offer myself as the moderator until a volunteer from the community picks the role up.

Looking forward to your feebdack:

Proposal Work-Meeting Structure - 45 minutes

Purpose: To set up a space for proposal owners (Proposers) to present and debate their ideas and proposals with the community.


  • Increase community participation
  • Generate a space for open collaboration


  • Shorten the Proposal to PIP lead time
  • Improve community proposals visibility for better PIP voting decisions


  • 1.5 hours per month to be spread in two 45min slots. Kick-off date: TBD

  • Two meetings per month

    • One to be held as part of the community calls
    • One the be held between community calls (~2 weeks apart)
  • Proposers must reserve a slot to present with anticipation:

    • No proposal presentation limit per person
    • Max of 3 proposals per session, moderated to ~15 min each.
    • Proposers will need to present the material to share 24hs in advance.
    • If the number of proposals exceeds the limit of 3 they will be prioritized:
      • Community voting on discord with thumbs up or down.
      • This process will be run 24hs before the meeting.
    • Intake will be done through a Google Form and database will be a spreadsheet available for everyone to see, and core members to edit.
  • Attendance

    • Everyone, it’s an open call.
    • If there are no proposed presentations, the meeting will be cancelled.
    • If the meeting is hosted, and there’s no audience in the first 10 min, the meeting will be cancelled
  • Meeting Management

    • Meeting cadence will be defined in the PieDAO Calendar
    • Communication will be manager through the #Governance channel
    • Session will be held in the #Meetings channel
    • There will be 1 moderator from the Core team, or member that volunteers
      • Use objective tone of voice
      • Actively listen and let people talk
      • Stay on point
      • Call on people to give opinions/don’t let someone hog the spotlight
  • Post-Meeting Management

    • The Proposer will publish the outcome of its own presentation on the Forum post where the proposal is being discussed.


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