Funding Gitcoin Grants

Maybe it would be a good idea to give something back to the community and marketing wise draw positive attention to the brand.

It’s very short notice, on Thursday at 18:00 CET the round is closed. That’s why I propose to keep it simple and give every Grant a fixed amount of Dai. Dough is not accepted, unfortunately.

There are 676 Grants. Note that in this way PieDAO also funds Sassal from Tokensets; ZCash; Filecoin but also DefiDad and Crypto for Black Lives. Grants are matched by different entities and with different amounts per project. Donating 1 Dai can bring the grantee 50 Dai for instance.

One way would be to just add all to the cart and pay with a multisig account. You could sign in with the PieDAO Github account. Another way would be to become a matching partner. This seems to ask for a more conscious choice of categories as Dapp Tech and Infra Tech with subcategory DeFi for example.

The amount of Dai per project should leave a lasting impression, but as it will be spread among 676 Grants, I propose 10 Dai and 6760 Dai in total. I am not too sure about this.

Ho, i didn’t understand your message on Discord like that. I thought you wanted to give only to people involved in the DAO.

This is a good idea on a marketing point of view. But IMO i’m not sure it’s the most profitable. How do you know that Pied DAO, as a project, is supporting the grant ? of course, you will have the avatar, but for most people, I guess, it will just be another donation, and they won’t even realize. Of course, we will tweet about it, but the exposure will be very quick.

Edit: especially because you are using DAI and not DOugh , so you lose the curiosity effect, where people will check what to do with those tokens

But as you said, if PiedDAO want to be more involved in Gitcoin and supporting other people in the ecosystem, being a matching partner is probably the best solution. At least you have the logo, the name at the top of the website for 2 weeks. People know that the project is helping, you have better communication …

Can we also think about something like Badger (maybe for next round) where you airdrop some DOUGH to people who made a donation. The exposure will be hudge.

Finally, if this proposal is accepted: PIP-36 - Formalize Budget for Operational & Grants
There is 15k for marketing . Where are we for December ?

To conclude: I think it’s a good idea and it’s always nice to support things like that. But there is probably better ways to do it, and doing it in a rush 2 days before the deadline it’s probably not the best :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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