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The ETH LATAM org will be hosting a 4 day conference in Buenos Aires Argentina in order to bring together the growing community of builders in this vibrant crypto location. PieDAO will be one of the speakers and this proposal seeks for approval to sponsor a meetup for 100 people to raise brand awareness and meet our members in this location.


  • Adrian.A (PieDAO core contributor & speaker)

Motivation & Scope


Bring together the PieDAO Latin Community in Buenos Aires to meet in real life, spend some time together and setup a space for people to approach the DAO and know more about us and our products.


Sponsor a Meetup in a location at walking distance from the event to invite 100 people to have a chat, get a drink and get some swag. Also plan to do a twitter sharing contest with 3 special prizes to who gets more exposure!

  • Budget required: USD 780 for Swag, Drinks, DJ and expenses (details)

Benefits & Risks


  • Exploit the opportunity to expose the products to a 5000 people audience and leverage on the marketing push
  • Talent scouting possibilities for new colaborators
  • Marketing material such as pictures, videos and social media exposure


  • If not covering the quota, swag may need to be stored.
  • If we reach more than 100 attendes at the location we won’t be able to provide enough swag to all

Next Steps

  • Community acceptance of the proposal
  • Securing the venue
  • Material preparation

Closing notes

Do you support the sponsorship of this event by PieDAO in order to release USD $780 to cover the meetup expenses?

  • FOR: Yes, LFG!
  • AGAINST: No, not worth it
  • Detail more: I need my questions answered before taking a decision
Should PieDAO sponsor this Meetup?
  • For
  • Against
  • Need more info

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Ser :saluting_face:

Bring more people to the family ;

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Easy to sell IMO …

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Snapshot vote open!


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Vote passed, yay!


99.62% #go