GE: Join Coinbase Asset Hub

GE Name : Join Coinbase Asset Hub

Time frame : To fill out the majority of the application, 1 week. Most of the questions in the Asset Hub application can be copied from current documentation. Proposing a week to iron out the details. See “Resources Needed” for the hard question about figuring a timeline for the whole process to be done.

Hypothesis : Exposure to Coinbase’s user base through PieDAO asset listings

Description : Coinbase should not need an introduction. For some quick stats: $320 billion in total volume and 35 million verified users. Before PayPal, I believe it was the leader in brand recognition as to where to exchange fiat to crypto.

Coinbase blog announcement:

Metrics : TVL, # addresses holding LP tokens, news coverage, and social media engagement related to this growth experiment. Also, this should lead to a Coinbase Wallet integration through a listing.

Definition of Success : Become listed on Coinbase.

Resources Needed : The tricky part of this form is either having a corporate entity or an individual represent PieDAO. What needs to happen is a discussion of who, what, or if something needs to be created to be able to fill out this form.

Asset Hub Form:

GE Confidence Rate : ???, not sure if filling out the form is entirely possible due to the above.


Maybe we can reach out to Lex DAO about forming an LLC somewhere crypto friendly? I’m not sure if such a move would add additional legal obligations to the DAO. I know Maker Foundation is distinct from MKR and the Oasis ecosystem. Possibly by organizing as a separate “ambassador” corp could give us the power to apply to things like this, while avoiding adding burdensome regulatory hurdles to the DAO itself?

LexDAO has a call once a week called the Council of Rogues, I can try to hop on the next one and fish for ideas.


Please do so! thanks!

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One option currently exploring would be to have a third party applying on behalf of PieDAO.

Last year Dexlab was appointed by the DAO as provider of a broad range of services, so this could maybe fall within scope. Dexlab has no interest in the DAO (no DOUGH held), potentially limiting related liabilities.


If they can do it, I’m ready to vote for it!

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Thank you @richandcreamy for pursuing and promoting this great growth opportunity.

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Thank me if it passes haha :sweat_smile: